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Helpful Advice needed
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    Solace Of Deth

    Helpful Advice needed

    I just recently discovered the whole saved game file capability , that being said its obvious i still dont understand directly how to transfer the files. I have a USB device and a saved game file i would like to use however i read i need to change the IDS.. Overall im really lost. if anyone could give me a step by step from the download of the file to the installation on the xbox ide be greatful. thanks.

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    Solace Of Deth

    Re: Helpful Advice needed

    AHHH this is absolutely driving me crazy ive downloaded USBXTAF MODIO and crap tons of other things and nothing works i cant move my save file to my usb and i cant find anyfiles on my USB cuz its formated to an xbox storage WTF do i do and why is no one helping uggh..

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: Helpful Advice needed

    I want to help but im a little comfused as im sure others are, due to the fact no one helped yet...As of rite now try Youtube or Google.....I will try first though..All your trying to do is move a save from your desktop/whereever to ur usb so you can use that save to load on ur xbox and play correct



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