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REQ-> Rockstar Table Tennis
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    Adore REQ-> Rockstar Table Tennis

    i search a GaveSave/Set from Rockstar Table Tennis

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    Re: REQ-> Rockstar Table Tennis

    Bump, looking for this as well. I remember there was a saveset posted on 360gamesaves years ago.

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    Re: REQ-> Rockstar Table Tennis

    Looking for the same thing, anyone?

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    Re: REQ-> Rockstar Table Tennis

    Yeah, isn't there some serious grinding involved for the online achievements in this? Saves/editor/checksum fix would be great. The online stuff might be in the GPD though. At least there's no checksum there, it's just more annoying to edit that way. I haven't gotten around to working on this yet, even though I have 2 copies to dual box. I have too many games. lol

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    Re: REQ-> Rockstar Table Tennis

    Did we ever get this uploaded? I too am looking for a save for this now



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