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Dragons Dogma storage issue..
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    Dragons Dogma storage issue..

    I have managed to edit some things in the storage, and I managed to edit everything else just fine. I got tired of seeing things I cant find in stores, and there isnt that many stores. So I thought I would add a bunch more things, as I am really only going for appearance. I did it a few times, and each time the stuff I added in there is not there at all. What am I doing wrong?!?! much help would be appreciated.

    I have included a link to the save and a link an odt I used to work on things, so the item ID Numbers are still in there. Everything up to ID 1430 is working, and 1182 on does not. Note: 1182 on is the stuff I was trying to edit in. Many things I edited in a long time ago when I first started have long since been overwritten with stuff.

    So yeah, Anyway, 1182 on I want actually inserted. If anyone can figure that out, I ask 2 favors. One, fix it and make it work. And 2, tell me what I was doing wrong?!?! I spent four hours on it, and now Im just cross eyed looking at it.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

    http://www.mediafire.com/?lwcnal3l6l...d5d76g8hzat2jy <--> That links to both files.

    http://www.mediafire.com/?lwcnal3l6ln6273 = is just the save

    http://www.mediafire.com/?qd5d76g8hzat2jy = is just the odt

    [EDIT] I noticed I hadnt updated the storage count. It isnt done on the uploaded save, but even after updating that, still nothing
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    Re: Dragons Dogma storage issue..

    Days ago i have the same error, even my save got corrupted...
    So my conclusion its that you can only add items tru the inventory, in the storage you can swap items and edit the quantity but nothing more :/

    About the "fix the save" part, i doubt that it could be fixed :S hope you have a backup bro!
    Hope this help you :)

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