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Thread: Life

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    Noctis Caelum



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    Re: My recently fucked up life

    Sorry to hear that mate :( It can happen to all of us.... One day you are strong man, other day not anymore....
    Be strong mate. Wish you the best.

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    Re: My recently fucked up life

    im sorry to hear these things happened to you, i will hope that one day your back will get better, im glad you have your children to keep you going :), i wish you the best bro :D
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    Re: My recently fucked up life

    Life is short. don't give up hope and let life get you down!
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    What i have shown you is reality. What you remember... that is the illusion.

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    Re: My recently fucked up life

    I can relate to you i have arthritis and every single day i ache the pain is normally bearable but some days its extremely painful i been on co-codamol for about three nearly four years and in that time taking them it messed my head up now my brain thinks and acts in different ways it has made me housebound i have got anxiety and agoraphobia of the outside world i dont like being around people you could say im a loner as i spend my time in my room wasting my life away i dont socialize with the outside world so there is not much for me to do apart from stay on the internet and play games and occasionally do some weight training to keep my body in shape i originally wanted to be a body builder but my illness has stopped me from doing that when i was on the medication co-codamol i came addicted to it and it made me depressed and everyday i would overdose on them to feel numb of the world around me i would listen to music and cry like a baby in my room on my own i would often think about severely overdosing to end the pain i was mentally going through with mixed emotions and the pain on the pysical side with my illness it was to much but i i did not have the guts to end it eventually i got off the drugs now i take normal paracetamol for pain relief im slowly getting better after so many years but anxiety and my fear of outside is still the same i work out more and i have had tried to go out in my backyard a couple of times so i am making progress once i get my life turned around i will try and do what i always wanted to do which is body building

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    Divided by zero and lived

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    Re: My recently fucked up life

    I know what you are going through, and what it feels like. If you ever need a reason to live, think about your children. I have also witnessed what happens to someone who loses their dad, that person will never be the same. Also, its probably not my place to recommend this, but if you happen to be in a state where it is legal try medical marijuana.
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    Re: My recently fucked up life

    @Ryo Hazuki
    i hope you will stay strong and keeping those kids of yours always in front of you... they will need you so don't dare thinking of killing yourself again...
    if you ever get those thoughts again... think about those you will leave behind and of those who needs you...

    i mean as long as we have some one who needs us we shouldn't think of giving up...
    as for me... no matter how hard or how painful it gets... i'd never give up if i have someone who needs me ^_^

    just always think about the good times you can and will have with your family... ^_^
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    and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots.
    So far, the Universe is winning.

    Rich Cook

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    Re: My recently fucked up life

    its bad enough u have a sickness but its worst that u tried to kill urself..there's always hope man you'll never know, gud luck & God Bless!

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