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More Gran Turismo 5 DLC Confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi
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    More Gran Turismo 5 DLC Confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi


    Kazunori Yamauchi put to rest any doubts about Polyphony Digital’s long-term plans for GT5, confirming the company is “preparing” new DLC for the game in response to “continued interest” and requests from players.

    Though he avoided a question about Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Vita, he did not deny the existence of such a title, simply stating that such information is “confidential” and that he “cannot talk about [it]“.

    The full interview, composed of user-submitted questions, was published in Spanish, but has been translated in full by GTPlanet user CorvetteConquer and is available below.

    TopoClandestino: What does a community of gamers/drivers, like the Spanish, continually supporting Gran Turismo, mean to you?

    Yamauchi-san: Spain is the country I’m most fond of, above all for its land, for its people, for its food, etc. It’s a place where I can relax and feel very much at ease. And the most important thing is, as we’ve seen in the presentation, the fact that I’m surrounded by so many people, allows me to absorb all of that energy which they emit and that, to me, is very important.

    GAMELAB: Will it be a while until we see GT Vita?

    Yamauchi-san: Well, this type of information is confidential and I still cannot talk to you guys about that.

    CJ_vzla: Do you believe that GT Academy could extend itself to regions like South America?

    Yamauchi-san: I have a feeling; yes. Really, I believe that a South American GT Academy could become a reality since GT Academy started out being a very small project, but little by little, it’s expanding.

    lorddevil6969696: Will we have new DLC for GT5?

    Yamauchi-san: Yes, we are preparing new DLC content for GT5. Despite it being a long time since GT5′s release, we have received a lot of fan messages asking about new DLC content. And that display of continued interest is something very important to us.

    ozvaldini: Could a story mode be implemented to better the gaming experience?

    Yamauchi-san: Of course that’s possible. On a daily basis, new ideas and future visions come to mind to include in future Gran Turismo titles. So, responding to your question, yes, we are thinking of new ways to ensure that users will have the most fun.

    THUNDERbreaks: Will there be some sort of event editor in the future?

    Yamauchi-san: Of course, this is something we’ve been thinking about and I’m keeping it in mind for future improvements.

    AK_KOV: Will we someday see the Porsche license in GT?

    Yamauchi-san: Well, we can’t say no; it’s something that many users ask me.

    Guitis77: How come, while in a race, the time gaps (differences) don’t show up for the car in front of you and behind you?

    Yamauchi-san: If the public demands it, it can be implemented. The problem we have is that in the same screen (the racing display, as we call it), we have to put in a lot of information, too much information. That’s why at the beginning, we only saw it necessary to insert the times of the leading car, but hey, it’s something we’re always giving a go.

    PS.Blog: On the PlayStation blog, we know that Kazunori Yamauchi is a huge motor enthusiast. We would like to know your opinion about GT Academy and Lucas Ordoñez.

    Yamauchi-san: Well, first, I consider it a miracle that a video game could be the gateway to something as real as driving race cars. That a program like GT Academy could be able to do this brings me great satisfaction. And the idea of looking back at people like Lucas Ordoñez being capable of adapting to the change of risking his life on circuits is something that makes me very happy. What Lucas does is impressive and I really hope that you are filled with his spirit because he is someone that has opened the pathway for all of you.
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    Re: More Gran Turismo 5 DLC Confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi

    very nice info shared Sterling :D
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    Cool info share archer :)
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