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[REQ] El Shaddai game save
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    [REQ] El Shaddai game save

    Does anyone have a save for El Shaddai ? I searched and didn't see one listed anywhere if I missed it sorry. I lost almost all of my game-saves, and I was I think a fair way into this the warthog bosses if I recall correctly. I'd rather not have to start all over if possible I already have to do the that for Fist of the North Star. If anyone has one regardless of where in the game thanks.

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    Re: [REQ] El Shaddai game save

    I searched also for el shaddai saves but didn't find anything for not even a save editor....sorry

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    Re: [REQ] El Shaddai game save

    I have a save on the game beaten on easy mode. I'll upload it this weekend

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    Re: [REQ] El Shaddai game save

    Thanx Cody

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    Re: [REQ] El Shaddai game save

    Thanks CodyMP.



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