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Xbox Tool TDU 2 Gamesave edit problem(xbox tool)
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    Xbox Tool TDU 2 Gamesave edit problem(xbox tool)

    Hello i have a problem at first it worked but my money was done
    ,so i edit again and here it starts
    every time i load up the game it says that's there is no savefile A.start newgame B.select drive
    so i start new game and progress in level save the game alot and the problem happens agian agian and agian .
    I even delete even the game and dlc's download agian progress in the game ,still the same problem

    i kinda like this game the cars ,open world stuff but the races/licenses/story are dead retarded damn
    that's the only reasone why i use that program this game is even worst on ps3 but ,sitting in the casino for hours is time wasting for that little cash
    anyone TIPS

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