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All ranting/trolling aside.
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    All ranting/trolling aside.

    I might get a warning for this, but I gotta say it. I don't pretend to be exceptional or overly cocky to any aspect in life I deal with. But I gotta ask, how validated do some people feel to get on a video game board with this condescending ass approach to other people when they respond. I mean like I said, it's a VIDEO GAME BOARD. Honestly it has to do with a level of committment, and I don't mean to video games - I mean to this "Holier than thou" attitude, that they can just talk to people in this snotty ass demeanor. I personally come from 4 generations of military bloodline, where face to face your instilled with the motto "don't sign a check your ass can't cash". What's worse is that I recently started to think "Maybe I'm just not that inclined". But I put my work in on the front lines more times than most of these puss packs can say they been in puss - so there.
    And I don't care how many trophies you got on COD, I've bodied more bags I care to remember and the trophies I brought home, are a constant reminder to me that assholes like you are the reason for 5 years and 2 tours that I got up, toed the line and fought defending your lack-lustered way of life so you can get on a VIDEO GAME BOARD to feel impowered. Honestly, I get called a leech for coming on here, downloading, and getting off... but it's having to deal with fuckery and guys like you that make people like me do that. This is the only time I'll spend 5 minutes to acknowledge douchebags like this and give them their 5 minutes of fame before I go back to being how I used to. And if you gotta a problem with what I said I'm not hard to find, I'm in the Day Hospital Program with other vets at the Cleveland VA - Louis Stokes Hospital from Mon - Thurs every week. Come get a dose of reality you fuck heads. And if I get band for speaking some truth, so be it. Honestly this ain't the only place I can get downloads from, but it will be the last place I donate to get disrespect from a mangina! And if this doesn't apply to you and you've been helpful to me then by all means - thanks and have a Happy Independence Day. But if it hits a nerve, then that must mean you... YEAAAH YOUUUU. Blood and Steel bitches!

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    Re: All ranting/trolling aside.

    To be fair i dont really see any of that happening here maybe the odd person will be an ass but to be truthful who hasnt i was a bit of ass when i first signed up i thought it was people around me but in fact it was me who was the idiot if you want real mouthy trolls go to Xboxmb or TTG or even Game-tuts this place is paradise compared to them sites this is why i love this site its mature and the people that do post are not trolls and even if we troll people understand its for a laugh with the community! ah i hope you understand my typing this is what you get when commenting on a thread when you just woke up LOL

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    Re: All ranting/trolling aside.

    Calm down mate!
    You said: "Honestly, I get called a leech for coming on here, downloading, and getting off", but you do more than that, you're interacting with users as you have done so with me. I don't know who's upset you on this site, but it's been very good for me on this site compared to others where when I was making mods, I was getting a million negative feedback even though I was contributing sweet stuff! Most members on this site are great, don't think of the site in a negative way because of one or two individuals.
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    Re: All ranting/trolling aside.

    This site by far is the best site with best helpful understanding members. "Other" sites dont even compare
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    Re: All ranting/trolling aside.

    ...I hear you guys, and thanks for the feedback. That's one thing that bugs me the most, when I have the free time I'm not on FB or Youtube I'm usually on here. I see lots of interesting things and I like the idea that I might actually LEARN some things and maybe eventually pick enough up to where I can contribute my own. I'm not new to boards, I just usually don't leave comments but this site has a wide range to where you can learn while interacting, and the news & updates are top notch. It just sucks when I get down time and wanna spend it here only to run into the kind of negativity I try to avoid. It hasn't been too often, but I guess since it's the same guy I should have just acknowledge that even the greatest places in the world have a few assholes, and even dogs sniff assholes first.
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    Re: All ranting/trolling aside.

    Who has ruined your experience here... I shall deal with them. BY FORCE!

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    Re: All ranting/trolling aside.

    How much trouble could you have gotten into in 25 posts? lol Its the internet dude theres no point in getting upset over douchebags on forums. This site has WAAAAY less than almost any other active forum Ive been to. Everyone here seems to enjoy themselves and are all around friendly

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    Re: All ranting/trolling aside.

    I see the Donator icon below your name. And you have over 20 posts. 'nuff said.

    End the discussion of being a leecher, you clearly aren't.
    Whoever tells you otherwise is a moron.
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