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Stolen Work?! Yasha Stealing Credit from Us?
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    yush Stolen Work?! Yasha Stealing Credit from Us?

    Okay I was browsing youtube and I came across this video about the testing hall. I'm pretty sure one of OUR forum members made this save and Yasha renamed it saying it was his work. Also, if Yasha is on these forums I'd like to talk with him myself. I'm not sure if I am 100% right I am just wondering if this flags an alarm to people stealing stuff from our forums. Since I know I put up a Minecraft map and I'd hate to see it on youtube as someone elses "work". When I put those hard hours into working on it. As you can see in his own comments he makes no claim on the save, when you download it though it has his name ALL over it. I'll post a screenshot if I have to of my desktop.


    This is why my flag was raised.


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    Re: Stolen Work?! Yasha Stealing Credit from Us?

    Thread being made over this was not needed, simply message one of the admins. Also being you have absolutely no proof and just an assumption you may wanna watch that out or your just going to piss people off.



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