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HI, I really Need Some Help!
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    HI, I really Need Some Help!

    Yea ive been having Problems with my Tv past few days id appreciated it if anyone can help me with this here is a video of whats going on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iprrh...ature=youtu.be Thanks in advance if you have solutions feel free to message me here or there

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    Re: HI, I really Need Some Help!

    Keeping things super simple for now since I'm not sure you're still experiencing the problem. Given the description and video, my immediate first guess as to the cause would be incorrect or incompatible resolution and/or refresh rate settings. Win 7 is known to wrongly set refresh rates when auto-detecting certain TV's. The first three things I would try are:

    1. Hook the PC up to a different TV/monitor, preferably not via HDMI (i.e. VGA or DVI). If all is well, you can basically rule out anything hardware related. It's down to resolution/refresh settings.

    2. Hook the PC up to the same TV/monitor via component, VGA, or DVI. Same as above.

    3. Hook the PC up to the same TV via HDMI. Force a refresh rate of 60Hz on the PC/video card side. Test. If you still have problems, change resolution to 1024x768 and reset TV to default settings (if it has such an option). Test again and report results.
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