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[Help!] Skyrim Modding Help Request
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    [Help!] Skyrim Modding Help Request

    Ok I recently found out my PC can run Skyrim. Now I have a lot of ideas running through my head, which some of them might not work. So before I get all excited I am going to ask a few things and post some links to share some things I found were interesting. First and foremost, I've seen people mod Skyrim on the PC then move it to 360. Yes, that's cool. Second. I've seen weapon mods and etc, can those be moved to the 360, I would be guess "no" due to the mod being an actual file under the "Data" folder. If you were to transfer it, I think it would corrupt the save or just become non-existent. Now I've seen some videos, I am not sure if they're correct or are just for trolling purposes of some people using 'mods' on the 360 version.


    As you can see the guy here some how summoned a dragon without a shout? I also didn't really see much else. If anyone knows anything about this, it would be sure helpful. I also looked at the web page and found the mod itself , my question is how did the guy move it to the 360? I know when Skyrim first came out it wasn't able to do such things....so has the wall where PC to 360 Mods is finally knocked down and 360 can bask in the glory of these mods?

    Another thing I saw was....this...


    Visual Mods. Skins and stuff. I also see a lot of "fakers" on youtube who post stuff like Skyrim Mod (360) ModNameHere. When in turn it's just a fake pretense to something that only happens on PC. I just would like the see the 360 gain some of these mods. :) If anyone is willing to teach me the PC to 360 conversion I'd much appreciate it.
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    Re: [Help!] Skyrim Modding Help Request

    For awesome pc mods go here - http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/
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