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dragons dogma - Pawn Stat Modding Questions
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    dragons dogma - Pawn Stat Modding Questions

    I've read that this happens, but i've also seen people mention being able to get away with it in small amounts.

    was thinking about it, does anyone think that maybe the this is caused by the way stats raise based on vocation?

    ie the most magic ur pawn could have at lvl 100 is 566, 116 from being a mage to level 10, sorcerer til 100 with 5 magic per level.

    or strength at level 100, 166+(90x6)=656

    do you think its possible that the checking of the character weighs the stats against the highest they could possibly be by natural level?

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    Re: dragons dogma - Pawn Stat Modding Questions

    this have been covered in dragons dogma modding

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    Re: dragons dogma - Pawn Stat Modding Questions

    well not to be rude but i've done a decent amount of looking around and i haven't seen an answer to my question. so if u know, could u maybe maybe add a yes thats how it works or no thats not right to ur comment? its not a quick task to go looking through hundreds of pages to look for an answer that probably isn't stated clearly

    i've seen people say that it cant be done n i've seen comments that in small doses it can work. i've seen it said that its because of the main pawn getting rented out, which makes perfect sense, but the possibility that there's that room in there peaks my interest. im curious whether theres a ceiling for each stat based on how high you could get it with the right vocation leveling or whether theres a max for the pawn's stats in general, or whether it somehow tracks the times u leveled in each vocation and knowns what they should be at, thus there is no room and the small doses people are full of it. im just interested in programming n how things work. thought it'd be a fun discussion. so... that been figured out?

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    Re: dragons dogma - Pawn Stat Modding Questions

    Re: [TUTORIAL] Dragon's Dogma Modding - Full Save Editing
    I believe that, when verifying the integrity of your pawn, the game ONLY checks that the main stats add up, and there is no other hidden stat or sum anywhere else. It does not appear that the game keeps track of how you leveled. I say this because I did the following:

    Started a save. Reached level 200 with a fighter/warrior pawn. Stored it away.

    Started a second save. Reached level 200 with a mage/sorcerer pawn. Stored it too.

    Took second save and copied the first pawn's stats. Pawn now has fighter/warrior stats. Not corrupted.

    Recovered second pawn's stats from original second save. Pawn has mage/sorcerer stats once again. Not corrupted.

    So, if your own pawn is corrupted, only check the stat growth charts that have appeared everywhere lately and do the math.

    this is by Aureliano17

    there is more info in this same thread starting on page 26 and up

    if you read all the info then yes its a stat check

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    Re: dragons dogma - Pawn Stat Modding Questions

    thank you very much for your help :)



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