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plz,look'n 4 a dark souls save...........
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    plz,look'n 4 a dark souls save...........

    Ok i've try many times and using many different save editors for Dark Souls. Every time i load the savefile on my game i get a message reading savefile corrupted (<-more or less soething like that) in other words i cant use my freshly new modded save.
    I'm look'n for a little help , a save file of
    Max stats at first bonefire hopefully lv1 necromancer, would be nice to have all weapons and armor but not as important.
    I've tryed the ultimate savefile that i downloaded which starts max stats,inventory but it either freezes on me if i search the rings or i cannot reload save file after i play.
    Or if some 1 can help as to why i always get savefile corrupted. i dont if it has something to do with max stats but being only
    lv1 ?

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    Re: plz,look'n 4 a dark souls save...........

    70+ views no replies ....wow !!!!!

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    Re: plz,look'n 4 a dark souls save...........

    Post your save so someone can look at it. You are resigning rehash after you use editor ? Sorry had to ask.
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    Re: plz,look'n 4 a dark souls save...........

    Pretty much every mod tool out there will corrupt your save when you insert a USER_DATA file. I've found that only Modio beta 4 can modify them properly, and then ONLY when you add a file with the same name as an existing one so it prompts to overwrite it. So try getting a brand new save with a new character and then inserting whatever max stats save you have into that.



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