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!!HELP im stuck in a rut!!
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    !!HELP im stuck in a rut!!

    ok guys its up to you to help me decide....
    i have $50 saved up from fixing laptops and im going to buy a gaming headset so i can play at night without disturbing my roommate and her baby now here are my choices

    Selection 1:

    Selection 2:

    the price is not a problem i can get up to $90 when i decide to finish the rest of the pc's i need to fix i want your honest opinion on these two i viewed multiple unboxing videos and pro/con vids
    i still cant decide so if you have personal usage advice or anything you can add to push my decision it will be greatly appreciated........

    also i had a set of turtle beaches they broke in 2 weeks on the part that connects the headband to the earphone so im avoiding turtle beaches

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    Vincent Valentine

    Re: !!HELP im stuck in a rut!!

    Well if you like more bass and clearer sound then get the second choice if you also don't mind spending $20 more. If not and just want better headphones than Turtle Beaches then the first choice

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    Re: !!HELP im stuck in a rut!!

    Not sure if you were actually planning on purchasing either of these from Best Buy, but I figured I would point out that the Detonators can currently be had for $59.99 with free shipping from both NewEgg and Amazon:



    You can also get them a little bit cheaper if you're willing to go the eBay route.

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    Re: !!HELP im stuck in a rut!!

    ok im going with #2 :D ill be getting it tomorrow

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    Re: !!HELP im stuck in a rut!!

    Get free from that rut, before it kills you. It could be anything, but in any case, sameness kills you, one item at a time. Here are a few basic tips for getting things back in line and actually living.



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