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Skyrim Pre-CC save
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    Skyrim Pre-CC save

    Pre-CC save to give you a headstart and some cool items to start with. Alternate version without unplayable armors in favorites menu.

    -Health/Magicka/Stamina start at 250, carryweight 100k, gold 100k and 100 perk points.
    -Waterbreathing and Nighteye added (Khajit racial power uses no magicka)
    -Necklaces with 250% boost for alcemy,smithing, and enchanting
    -Executioner outfit with custom enchants, and of course the axe. (mask is aleady enchanted)
    -Greybeard outfit with custom enchants
    -Nocturnal Robe with enchants
    -Unplayable black mage hood
    -Psiijic Robes/boots/gloves/hood
    -Nightingale armor
    -999 all ingrdients and ingots
    -Skeleton key, Azura's Star, Black Star, 999 filled grand soul gems
    -weapons/armor/rings/robes etc. to disenchant, should get all enchantments to use from items included
    -9999 Daedric Arrows, with the ingots you can just make whatever weapons you want.

    Enchanments on unplayable gear:

    I did try to make these not too overpowered or class specific.

    Executioner Robe - Health and Stamina +100
    Executioner Boots - Muffle and Magic Resistance +50%
    Executioner Gloves - One-handed and Two-handed +50%
    Executioner Mask - Already enchanted in-game magicka +40

    Greybeard Robes - Health and Magicka +100
    Greybeard Hood - Health and Magicka Regen +100%
    Greybeard Boots - Stamina +100 Stamina Regen +100%

    Nocturnal Robe - Magicka +100, Magicka Regen +100%

    Black Mage Hood - Already enchanted in-game Magicka +20

    Bone Hawk Ring - Lover's comfort (Married Resting XP Bonus), Additional Werewolf transformations (because once a day sucks )

    New items:

    Beast Form (Read below)
    Weapons: Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow, 999 regular bolts and each exploding type, Harkon's Sword
    Aetherial Crown, Aetherial Shield, Ancient Falmer Set (White Snow Elf Armor), Auriel's Shield, Bone Hawk Ring, Falmer Heavy Armor set(stronger than the hardened set), Shellbug helmet, Tsun's Armor, Vampire Boots, Hood, and Gauntlets, Vampire Royal Armor x2(One is the alternate version that is red/pink for female characters, but cannot be upgraded)
    Conjure Boneman, Mistman, and Wrathman, Stendarr's Aura, Vampire's Bane
    Summonable Horse

    Basically, I wanted to keep to the theme of not making an overpowered save, just give a good alternative for a second playthrough, this started as a save i made for myself for playing through on Master difficulty. The generic Vampire/Dawnguard armor is plentiful and easy to find, so I just added the harder to get stuff like the royal armor, and things like that, or items/spells that you would only get playing as one side in Dawnguard like the better crossbow and bolts. I chose the tomes so that you have the choice of having those spells from the start, or getting them normally.
    Beast Form was added to give the ability to play as both a werewolf, and a vampire lord without having to choose, it's not a perfect solution, as you won't be able to use the different werewolf powers that require the totems. Just adding the spell means that the game sees you as normal, and you will not lose it if you become a vampire lord. Doing the companion questline though will most likely make you choose between vampire or werewolf. At least this way you can level up the perks for both vampire and werewolf trees at the same time. The ring I made will allow multiple transformations as well for werewolf form.
    Enjoy the save! http://www.mediafire.com/?b1d8fnjgpo87lbt
    Alt Version http://www.mediafire.com/?yv67ou6dg303zcq
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    Re: Skyrim Pre-CC save

    very nice Pre-CC save 13Dannyboy13 :D
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    Great share Dannyboy :)
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    Re: Skyrim Pre-CC save

    Wow! Nice this is a different kind of save for skyrim. I think I'll try it out.

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    Re: Skyrim Pre-CC save

    Excellent save, mate.
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    Re: Skyrim Pre-CC save

    I seem to be getting the disk unreadable error. I rehashed and resigned, is there something I'm missing? o_O

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    Re: Skyrim Pre-CC save

    Quote Originally Posted by SpecOpsStryker View Post
    I seem to be getting the disk unreadable error. I rehashed and resigned, is there something I'm missing? o_O
    Did you fill in the fields with your IDs?(console ID etc) Do you have the latest title update and Dawnguard?
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    Re: Skyrim Pre-CC save

    How did you add extra Dawnguard stuff? since it isnt out on pc yet?


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