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Man dies playing too much Diablo III
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    Man dies playing too much Diablo III

    A teenager from Taiwan collapsed and died at an internet cafe after playing the popular online game Diablo 3 for 40 consecutive hours, local media say.

    The 18-year-old identified by only his surname, Chuang, booked a private room at the cafe in Tainan, southern Taiwan, around noon on July 13 and played for nearly two days without eating, the United Daily News broadsheet reported on Tuesday. On July 15, an attendant entered the room in the morning and found Chuang resting on a table. After the attendant woke him, he stood, took a few steps and then collapsed, the report said. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a local hospital.

    Police were investigating the cause of death and an autopsy was being carried out, the newspaper reported. They speculated that long hours in a sedentary position created cardiovascular problems for Chuang, the report said

    This isn’t the first time a person has gone nuts over a videogame. Many people have died trying to marathon videogames. There was an earlier case where a man got stabbed in the chest by his neighbour for World of Warcraft. “I was sitting in my house today thinking ‘should I be dead or shouldn’t I,’” said Jordan Osborne, the victim. “And it’s all over a World of Warcraft game.”

    Many groups attempt to censor video games citing incidents like these, which according to other groups are due to a person's own problems and not the game's fault. However, several major studies by groups such as The Harvard Medical School Center for Mental Health, The Journal of Adolescent Health and The British Medical Journal have shown no conclusive link between video game usage and violent activity.

    In the book Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do, researchers/authors Lawrence Kutner, and Cheryl K. Olson refute claims of violent behavior increase caused by violent video games. The researchers' study shows that adolescents that don't play video games at all are most at risk for violent behavior, claiming that video game play is part of an adolescent boy's normal social setting.

    This is the second death in Taiwan from playing video games this year. In February, a man in New Taipei was found dead, slumped in a chair facing a computer with his arms still reaching out for the keyboard after playing for 23 hours. The cause of death was reported as cardiac arrest

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    Re: Man dies playing too much Diablo III

    This is scary i mean look at overweight people who are bound to there bed they can not move for years but a person who sits in a chair for two days dies i essentially do the same thing at home i sit on my bed and do nothing but listen to music or play computer games and i have been doing it for years now which im not proud of but i guess its because he didnt have no energy and his body gave in to all the stress not just on his body but probably his brain as well hell i feel drained after only a few hours of playing a game and sometimes it makes me tired god knows how this guy must of felt during the time before his death he should of taken a break and done some exercises even drinking some fluids would of helped a bit poor guy R.I.P

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    Damn the sucks poor guy R.I.P :(
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    Re: Man dies playing too much Diablo III

    now that is just insane, poor guy R.I.P.
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    Re: Man dies playing too much Diablo III

    Poor guy? I don't feel the least bit bad at all, it's a video game, you sat there for two consecutive days playing a video game not bothering to eat or drink. At that point that is your own stupidity killing you, I have no sympathy for that.

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    Re: Man dies playing too much Diablo III

    Did he drop any good loot?


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    Wow. Smh.

    sent from my HTC EVO.
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    Re: Man dies playing too much Diablo III

    Again this story, lol. Every year a new game comes out, they refurbish the original story and match it up with the new game.
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