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    Dungeon Defender Mod help (Eternia Crystal) Please help me!!

    Well I made one mod, and I told my friend I'll make him one (he has one, but it's so big he can't see in front of him)

    I got the weapon, extracted it on Horizon, and followed instructions on many Youtube videos.

    The problem is that when I go to Eternia Crystal, when I hit open and then I hit DunDefSave, it says that Eternia Crystal isn't working, and then it closes, saying "Windows can't find a solution to the problem."

    This was version 1.4.

    I uninstalled it, and then installed version 1.9.2.

    Same problem, but this error message came up IMMEDIATELY, as if planned.

    The error message read "An error occurred! Please contact the author at forum in the Eternia Crystal thread and post you Savefile so this problem can be fixed. Thanks!"

    It did say 360have.com (no n) and I guess that's a typo, along with "post you save" and "you Savefile so"

    I don't know how to post my save file (and somebody might take it) so how can I resolve this?

    Please respond fast. I don't want my friend to think I took his weapon and ran. (Already happened to me)

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    Re: Dungeon Defender Mod help (Eternia Crystal) Please help me!!

    u got all ur stuff update? windows updates... upload ur save some look at it, but this thread might get locked since , there an thread or this alrighty. if not make new save and just mod new weapon .
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    Re: Dungeon Defender Mod help (Eternia Crystal) Please help me!!

    i downloaded the eternia crystal from the link on the page. i also downloaded horizon and winzip. transferred all the dungeon defenders game data to me external hard drive. used horizon to extract the saved game and saved it to the computer. used winzip to open the eternia crystal. it comes up and i hit the open button pick the file i saves to the computer and when i hit the open button i get an error message that says "the system cannot find the file specified" i don't get it what went wrong? please help me out.

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    Re: Dungeon Defender Mod help (Eternia Crystal) Please help me!!

    Sorry about that



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