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Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Origin Pre-Order Bonus Contents Expanded
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    Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Origin Pre-Order Bonus Contents Expanded

    Gamers who pre-order Crysis 3 via EA's online digital distribution service Origin will receive additional content and items, and as a surprise bonus when they pre-order the standard version of the game via Origin their order will be automatically bumped up to the Hunter Edition of the game for no additional charge.

    Set for release in Spring 2013 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms, Crysis 3 is the next chapter in the ongoing "sandbox shooter" Crysis series, placing gamers back in the role of the iconic character Prophet, who returns to New York City only to find it has been completely encased in a Nanodome constructed by the Cell Corporation.

    The story resumes in the year 2047 when Prophet -- now bent upon obtaining revenge after learning that Cell Corporation's Nanodome quarantines are part of a larger goal of corporate global domination -- takes the battle back to the streets of Gotham City and expands his list of enemies to include not just the alien Ceph forces (who are still around and still don't have much use for humanity) adding the soldiers, scientists, officers both military and corporate, and the automated resources of Cell Corp to the list.

    The environment inside what is now being called the "New York City Liberty Dome" has altered the Big Apple in very significant ways, chopping up the contained area into seven distinct and treacherous environments known as the Seven Wonders. Among the challenging environments that the Prophet will battle through are the to-be-expected concrete jungle as well as a mini-jungle in its own right consisting of rainforest and swampland!

    One of the new weapons in the game is a composite bow for Prophet -- and gamers who pre-order the Hunter Edition of the game will have the new Composite Bow unlocked from Day 1!

    Gamers who pre-order the standard edition of the game from EA's Origin Service will receive the Hunter Edition (one of the Special Editions of the game -- there may be others still to be announced) upgrade free of additional cost, and will also receive the Overkill Pack -- which is available for PC Digital Download Only -- as an added pre-order bonus.

    The Overkill Pack includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content, and early multiplayer unlocks including early multiplayer access to the Typhoon assault weapon and skin.

    The Typhoon Assault Rifle can spew 500 rounds a second, giving players the ability to go guns blazing to take back the Liberty Dome! Also included in this pack are the Rapid-Fire Nano-suit module and two exclusive Overkill themed dog tags.

    The Hunter Edition Bonus Content Includes:

    -- The option to transform yourself into the ultimate Hunter Online: gamers obtain early access to the new signature Crysis 3 bow, bow attachment, and "Hunter" Nanosuit module for use in Crysis 3 Multiplayer.

    -- Multiplayer Head Start: a bonus XP boost up to Level 5 and the ability to unlock custom load-outs early in the game.

    -- Look Sharp: customize your load-out, plus get a unique bow skin and three exclusive "Hunter" themed dog tags.

    Crysis 3 Game Details:
    Crytek is back with Crysis 3, the first blockbuster shooter of 2013 that offers gamers the ability to return to the fight as Prophet, the Nanosuit soldier on a quest to rediscover his humanity and exact brutal revenge against the aliens and Cell Corp.

    Adapt on the fly with the stealth and armor abilities of the unique Nanosuit as you battle through the seven wonders of New York's Liberty Dome -- areas with unusual and original environmentally-based challenges that will give you a run for your money as you battle the aliens, Cell Corp's troopers, and the environment itself...

    Unleash the firepower of your all-new, high-tech bow and alien weaponry to hunt both human and alien enemies. Uncover the truth behind the death of your squad while reestablishing the power of human will in a rich story full of exciting twists and turns.

    Crysis 3 is being presented as the ultimate sandbox shooter, realized in the stunning visuals only Crytek and the latest version of CryENGINE can deliver. Assess, Adapt, and Attack starting in spring 2013.

    Key Game Features Include:
    -- Seven Wonders of the Urban Rainforest: New York City has been contained in a giant nanodome and grown into a unique rainforest with seven distinct environments. Master the ultimate sandbox and turn it into your own personal hunting ground.

    -- Assess, Adapt, and Attack: Crysis's highly-acclaimed sandbox gameplay is back with more open levels to let players choose their path and approach. Your upgraded Nanosuit allows brute force or stealth, always giving you more than one option.

    -- Expanded Multiplayer: Experiment with new ways to customize your Nanosuit and brand new game modes.

    -- The Biggest and Most Explosive Arsenal in Franchise History: In addition to giving gamers an arsenal of human firearms, Crysis 3 lets them scavenge alien weapons and deploy an all-new signature bow!

    -- The Evolution of CryENGINE: CryENGINE unleashes the power of the Crytek creative team and delivers a visually stunning and varied gameplay experience.

    Additional Retailer-specific Pre-Order Packages

    Depending upon where you happen to live in the world, in addition to the Origin Pre-Order package detailed above there will be three distinct retailer-specific pre-order packages (you will need to check with your local major retailers to learn who has what), which are made up of the following:

    The Overkill Pack: Includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content, and the following early multiplayer unlocks: the Overkill Pack featuring early multiplayer access to the Typhoon assault weapon and skin. Spewing 500 rounds a second, the Typhoon gives players the ability to go guns blazing to take back the Liberty Dome. Also included are two exclusive Overkill themed in-game dog tags as detailed above...

    The Predator Pack: Includes the base game, all the Hunter Edition content and the following early multiplayer unlocks: the Predator Pack delivers early multiplayer access to the Feline submachine gun and exclusive camo. With an extremely fast rate of fire and a 60 round magazine the Feline is highly effective and deadly, at short range.

    The Stalker Pack: Includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content and the following early multiplayer unlocks: for players who like to stalk their prey from the shadows the Stalker Pack provides early multiplayer access to the deadly semi-auto Jackal shotgun. This powerful, close-range shotgun comes with a unique silencer attachment, custom weapon skin and two exclusive themed in-game dog tags.

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    Great info share drizzt :D
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    Re: Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Origin Pre-Order Bonus Contents Expanded

    nice to know, nice share drizzt :)
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    Re: Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Origin Pre-Order Bonus Contents Expanded

    Excellent to know about this, drizzt.
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