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Problem with latest version of Dead Island Save Editor (Version
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    Seer of Souls

    Cry 2 Problem with latest version of Dead Island Save Editor (Version

    If anyone has any experience to lend with this editor, I cant seem to figure out how to add Firearms to my inventory AT ALL without the save freezing when I try to load it
    after editing. I rehashed and resigned the save every time; and tested the save without items in the inventory and it would load fine along side the skill changes, but as soon as I add a gun, It decides to go on strike. If it helps I've only edited Purna's inventory.

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    Re: Problem with latest version of Dead Island Save Editor (Version

    i found that you can add the firearms to the inventory but it seems some of the weapons are from the ryder whites campaign. so when you add them to your inventory they show up as blanks but can still fire unfortunatly they are weak as the dise editor doesnt seem to facter in the characters level while editing the guns damages. like say adding an auto rifle. theres like 6 in the editor. they all seem to be the same. adding a mod to them has no effect except what the mod is like lightning or watever. if you set the level requirement for the gun it will still be relitivly weak. the attributes dont work either even if you use attributes from a legit gun. the add custom item button is basicly you changing the name of the gun but it doesnt work well in he game. itll lock it or itll glitch the gun and not show up in inventory. are you adding tweaks or anything when your editing or you putting mods on the gun which arent meant for the gun? any additional info would probably help.



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