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DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.
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    Fire DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    I was perfectly able to hack this game months ago, now i seem unable with the same method.
    I notice in your tutorials that nobody mentions DunDefHeroes.bak or the backup save. and I cant remember what I did with it originaly.
    I am editing the dundefheros.dun perfectly, only changing the stats of 1 weapon, compressing and putting back on harddrive no problems but everytime i log in I have the same old shitty weapon and stats. I have tried every combination possible of deleting the backup save, moving it with the main save, replacing dundefheroes.bak with hacked dundefhearoes.dun renamed to .bak but nothing seems to work and I'm 1 more fustrated try from smashing this laptop into this piece of shit elite.

    Help please? thanks.

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    rename without the bak, has to be the original name of the save

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    Re: DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    That has very little detail. I am leaving backup on the hdd? I am editing dundefheroes.dun and not remaning what .bak?? sorry your answer makes no sense at all. Litteraly none.
    Pull save, decompress, edit, rebuild, replace and resign. = Items and stats reset to backup save. Even if backup save is deleted.
    Where does the backup save come into this / how do I edit the backup save to correspond with the save file?

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    ok comprehend this, are you adding the modding and adding the save that ends in dun or bak?

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    Re: DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    Jesus christ lol.
    I am editing DunDefHeroes.Dun, In DunDefSave.
    It is reseting to pre-edit in game.

    Is this an English forum or have I made a mistake?

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    The first mistake you made was trying to mod the game yourself seeing as you lack common sense and comprehension skills.
    2nd mistake was getting annoyed of a person thats was trying to help but seeing as u cant mod a damn game i assume ur a 3rd away from stupidness
    3rd and final mistake was even posting a stupid question, so goodluck with modding ur save, even though theirs tons of tut's plus a save editor...

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    Re: DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    Clearly your reading skills are far from par But your need to jump to offense indicates you're lacking the knowledge needed for the problem. So you're forgiven for your attempt to boost your forum activity with useless and nonsensical replies to messages you havn't / cannot read, I quite litteraly would prefer the help of a Dish cloth, or prehapes a half eaten lettuce over yourself. You are welcome to leave this thread and impose your awesome lack of fundamental litteracy skills and gracious help to someone else.

    As I stated, The tutorials I've seen do not mention the backup. I'm assuming i'm making a dumb mistake somewhere but I can't figure out what I'm doing differently this time to when I worked it out months ago. If someone who can actually understand the simple pretext, would like to venture a logical answer; It would be greatly appreciated.
    In the meantime I'm hoping this guy isn't the self appointed ambasador for 360haven.

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: DunDefHeros.bak?.... Please help, giving me a headache.

    damn took you awhile to reply i guess using spell check and google to help you get the meaning of stuff does take awhile..ambasador whats that, should of included that in ur spell check...About 6 people have read your idiotic thread and havent responded for a reason kid, the main reason is your just plain dumb to be honest...Anyway i wont comment in your pointless thread and im sure no one else will either..If ur goin to make a joke, please correct your spelling. makes you look even more like a uneducated person.ambassador, their you go, hope that helps...

    Here's a detailed tut, hope you can comprehend that...Even a moron like yourself can follow that, but who knows


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