It would be so nice if any GFX artists were to make some forum userbars/Rankbars for me and my clan on BF for our website/forum.
I have images of what they need to look similar to.
The ranks are listed under and the examples will express what colors I need for the whole thing.
I need them to be PNG images, and size of atleast 150 x 28.

President :: Red
Vice President :: Red
Board of Directors :: Red
Technical Administrator :: Darkred
Administrative Director :: Orange
Administrative Officer :: Orange
Forum Moderator :: Orange
Community Manager :: Teal
Retired Staff :: Yellow
Server Administrator :: Green
Epic :: Violet
Veteran :: Pink
Supporter :: Cyan
Devoted :: Blue
Regular :: Gray
Member :: Gray

The ranks need to looks simlar in color and text, I want them to look like the userbars that were used on this website.

I want the colors I have listed above to match these images and make the ranks simlar to these. They do not have to be an exact replica