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modding dark souls for boss area pvp
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    modding dark souls for boss area pvp

    so i have an idea, and im not too good with hex editing so i was wondering if you guys could help me, i want to see what part of the saves tell the game if the boss is alive and if you can summon people in your world based on that, because if i could find that then perhaps i can trick the game by editing my save and telling it the iron golem is dead, even though i can still summon people in sens fortress, good uses for this would be for organized pvp could now be in boss areas and gravelords can gravelord and get invaded even though he killed the boss in that area. i personally love pvp and if i could do this that would just make my day.

    so.. the test i propose to figure this out, is to make a save right infront of the iron golems fog gate, unequip everything but your weapon to kill him eliminating mutiple durability values being changed in the comparison, try not to lose health, and dont use any consumables, and then make a save after you kill him and compare the two in hex workshop, i tried this but i dont know how to read hex, so im just scratching my head, if anyone would want to help and wants to use my files to compare let me know and ill upload them. thank you!

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    Re: modding dark souls for boss area pvp

    i was wondering what else to add to my tool , but this idea sounds good.
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    Re: modding dark souls for boss area pvp

    thanks jappi i used your tool and works smooth and intuitivly. how would you go about finding what code decides you cant summon people after killing a boss. i have a huge hunch it has to do with the save itself rather than the game, because in sifs forest you can see signs though the door next to the bonfire even though sif is dead as long as the moonlight butterfly is alive. plus how awesome would it be to expand this idea further what if you could pvp in all boss areas, gaping dragons area, quelaggs arena, demon firesage is a good one, maybe even the abyss lololol that might be pushing it though

    the character i used is a lvl 5 and i had the lighting long sword +5 and a thouroland talisman equiped.
    here is my test files, see what you can make of them this one is before the boss fight,
    Download USER_DATA01 for free on uploading.com

    this one is after
    Download USER_DATA01 for free on uploading.com



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