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Ouya Discussion
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Thread: Ouya Discussion

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    Ouya Discussion

    ok guys its pissing me off that people are killing the android based console called ouya just because it gives people a dev kit from the beginning

    Ouya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    now i personally am psyched for this console simply because i always wanted to build apps for the android but never got around to learning but people assume DEV KIT = HAX0RZ D: D: D:
    honestly all android devices basically provided a dev kit mode by allowing you to install/create your own aftermarket apps ie/ applanet but android still remained strong and stable and i know for a fact that this console running an android OS will prevail also and for the price of $99 i honestly dont see anything wrong with it all i see is basically my samsung galaxy connected to my tv with a controller lol but im open to hear what makes this a bad idea, or your fears for the console

    AND they offer Onlive.......
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    Re: Ouya Discussion

    Pledged the $99 and $30 for an extra controller. I like the idea that it brings and can't wait for the release date.

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    Re: Ouya Discussion

    i also looking forward to it, screw the people who are hating on it lol
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