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Shipping a gift from Netherlands (Europe) to USA.
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    Shipping a gift from Netherlands (Europe) to USA.

    So yeah, I wanted to send a bday gift to someone in USA... but I'm not sure if I can actually wrap it up in giftpaper or not. Would they rip it open in customs and just send it through like that afterwards? Is there anything special I could/have to do??

    Anyone with experience in shipping internationally that can answer this would be very appreciated.
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    Re: Shipping a gift from Netherlands (Europe) to USA.

    I doubt they would open it unless it's green sticky and smelly, and if it is I would also like a present from holland too please :)
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    It's fine to send remember they have X-rays machines for that so is cool :)
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    Re: Shipping a gift from Netherlands (Europe) to USA.

    What thegutta said. They won't touch it. You will probably have put more packaging on it though. I don't know how postage is handled in other countries, but most post services in the US are kinda picky about what they'll ship. They want the outside of the parcel to be clean and clear of clutter, so normally something like a box wrapped in wrapping paper would have to be put in yet another box, at least in the state where I live (Texas). And even if they do allow a wrapped gift without another box around that, I can guarantee that anybody state-side (especially the federal USPS) will accidentally mangle the wrapping in just the shipping process alone.

    Short answer: put the entire gift in a cardboard box and ship it that way and it will be fine. They have scanners, so they don't need to open it (unless there's something in your box blocking the scanners from detecting what's inside).
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