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Dragon's Dogma Loading Error :/
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    Dragon's Dogma Loading Error :/

    Hey guys! I have another issue this time :/
    I was trying to add all the DLC weapons and armors to my storage editing the blank fields like this one:

    <class type="sItemManager::cITEM_PARAM_DATA">
    <s16 name="data.mNum" value="0"/>
    <s16 name="data.mItemNo" value="-1"/>
    <u32 name="data.mFlag" value="0"/>
    <u16 name="data.mChgNum" value="0"/>
    <u16 name="data.mDay1" value="0"/>
    <u16 name="data.mDay2" value="0"/>
    <u16 name="data.mDay3" value="0"/>
    <s8 name="data.mMutationPool" value="0"/>
    <s8 name="data.mOwnerId" value="0"/>
    <u32 name="data.mKey" value="0"/>

    I add around 45 items and i update the numbers of total items i got on storage then i transfer the save to my usb, rehash and resign and when i try to use it on my xbox, the game freezes on the "Checking your save data" screen :/ I dont realy know what i did wrong or if this isnt the right way to add items :/

    So, anyone know how to do this right or fix it? also would be helpfull if anyone knows a faster way to add items because it takes me around an hour and it doesnt work X__x

    Sorry for bodering, it was a noob error. I notice that you cant add items to storage just edit the ID and quantity, the only way to add items is trough the inventory :/ otherwise the save will get corrupeted. Knowing this i will try to share the full code for all the DLC wepons and armor, just need some testing and make a newbie-friendly tutorial :)
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