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Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set
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    Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set

    Saves are just before the unlock, load a finish conversation, wait, or do the task that is need for the achievement. Similiar to Oblivion.

    Also, it should be noted that the saves do not have to be done in the exact order I have listed them in. Many of the achievements for quests can be varied, as well as those for individual activities. Obviously use your head
    and don't make 50 successful speeches your first achievement. Vault Citizenship Award, GOAT Whisperer and Escape! have to be the first three.

    Also, level 8 should come before Level 14 for obvious reasons. Try to space out when you load these up. I suggest several days between some, and at least a few hours for others.

    If you have a big enough memory card, you can use the "One Load Guide" and the "One Load folder" of saves to load them all on your card at one time and do them in a "legit" order. Otherwise use the them one by one.

    (Do not worry about doing Level 8 Good/Nuetral/ Evil close to one another, it is fairly easy to save before the achievement and get one, then commit atrocious acts to get the other when you reload the earlier save. Similiar to the Duke of Dementia/ Duke of Mania in oblivion)

    1 - Vault 101 Citizenship Award - Wait until the Overseer hands you your Pip Boy.

    2- The G.O.A.T. Whisperer- Hand in your test to the teacher, and leave the room.

    3- Escape!- Proceed out of the door in front of you.

    4-Psychotic Prankster- Crouch and sneak up behind the guy to your left,put a grenade in his inventory(Left trigger to your inventory then A on a frag Grenade). Watch.

    5-The Power of the Atom- Talk to the kid and finish the quest.

    6-Following in His Footsteps- Talk to the guy in front of you.

    7- Protector- Finish the level up screen and it will pop.

    8- Mercenary- Wait until the level up screen shows, get through it, and achievement.

    9- Reaver and Those! - Talk to the kid and choose first option, then keep talking, will pop after, then get threw level screen and Reaver will pop.

    10- Those!- Talk to the boy. Not Needed extra save.

    11- Big Trouble in Big Town- Talk to the girl in front of you.

    12- Tennpenny Tower- Talk to the ghoul.

    13- Galazy News Radio- Talk to three dog.

    14- Blood Ties- Talk to the sheriff.

    15- The Wasteland Survival Guide- Talk to the shopkeeper.

    16- Slayer of Beasts- Kill the mole rat or scorpion. Choose your path.

    17- Scientific Pursuits- Will pop after a few seconds.

    18- Tranquility Lane- Wait for conversation.

    19- The Waters of Life- Walk straight for a few seconds.

    20- Ambassador of Peace- Load the save get threw level screen, will pop. If it doesn't kill a cow or two.

    21- Pinnacle of Survival- Load the save, get threw the level screen, will pop after.

    22- Harbinger of War- Wait for the screen to pop. Then level up.

    23- The Superhuman Gambit- Talk to the man in front of you.

    24- Trouble on the Homefront- Walk out the door.

    25- You Gotta Shootem in the Head- Talk to the corpse, tell him you killed them all.

    26- Head of State- Talk to the guy in front of you.

    27- Keys are for Cowards- Pick the door in front of you. (Rotate to correct position and turn screwdriver)

    28- Nuka-Cola Challenge- Talk to teh girl, tell her you have her Quantam.

    29- The Replicated Man- Talk to the old guy...lie and say the robot is dead.

    30- Stealing Independenece- Talk to the old guy, tell him you have the Declaration.

    31- Strictly Buisness- Talk to the guy walking towards you.

    32- Last, Best Hope for Humanity- Wait for the LVL.

    33- Paradigm of Humanity- Wait for the LVL.

    34- Scourge of Humanity- Kill the guy in front of you, Wait for the LVL.

    35- Doesn't Play Well with others- Kill the girl in front of you.

    36- Yes, I Play with Dolls- Grab the Bobblehead in front.

    37- One Man Scouting Party- Proceed to the mine like structure in front of you.

    38- Oasis- Talk to the old man.

    39- Rescue from Paradise- Talk to the little black girl.

    40- The Bigger They Are...- Load, hold left trigger to aim at the guy in front to your right and use right trigger to shoot one more round, should kill in one shot.

    41- Data Miner- Hack the terminal in front of you. I randomly picked out words in the code. If I didn't get it, when it locked up I just re-loaded the save and eventually got the right word. Tooke 2-3 tries.

    42- Picking Up the Trail- Wait and it will pop.

    43- Silver Tongued Devil- Talk to the guy in front of you and choose the choice with [speech] in front of it. Should pop. For this you must play the game offline after clearing your system cache because it was made using a glitch that was patched.

    44- Agatha's Song- Talk to the old bag.

    45- Weaponsmith- Press A and make a railrail rifle gun.

    46- Reilly's Rangers- Talk to Reilly.

    47- Finding the Garden of Eden- Wait and the mission should end.

    48- Vault Tech C.E.O- Pick up the last bobblehead right in front of you.

    49- The American Dream- Talk to the guy in front of you.

    50- Take it Back!- Type in the code 1-0-6 into the keypad, hit enter and will pop after the cutscene after you die or falldown.

    Saveset is not in the order of this list. I did not make this saveset just sharing. Credit goes to Madasahat at xpgamesaves.com, I'm uploading this because the only other one that I have seen on 360Haven is on Megaupload and that site has been taken down by the US government so this is for all those who want the set and are in the US. Enjoy (:

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    Awesome save share TheReveled great job bro :D
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    Re: Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set

    Thanks man , This is awesome i really cant be skrewed replaying the third time karma levels n stuff , but nice upload man !

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    Re: Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set

    great saveset shared TheReveled :)
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    Re: Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set

    very nice saveset shared TheReveled
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    Re: Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set

    Thanks mate

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    Re: Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set

    Awesome share. This will come in handy. Thanks to Madasahat also.
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    Re: Fallout 3 1000/1000gs LEGIT ORDER save set

    Thanks man, there are a couple of these that I was looking for but just couldn't find. Thanks again.


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