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Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)
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    Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)

    Ok guys so here's a whole pack of saves for this game for all needs, in exclusive for 360haven.com (I had to contribute somehow!) =)

    Pack 1
    In this one there's a bunch of 50 saves through the entire game. There's about two saves for every chapter of the game, usually one at the beginning and one at the end of the chapter. All the missions have been completed on the way, and everything missable has been obtained too. This is for those that are stuck on a certain boss or chapter and want to try again with a save with decent but not very high stats and an alright customization. Some more advanced saves will unlock the Tera-Driver achievement as soon as you load them (it could be a bit suspicious if you had this achievement as one of your earliest on your tag...just saying) and also Basel's Repairman/Basel's Liberator (again, if you unlock these before the achievements for completing the first chapters someone may suspect you've cheated, if you care...).

    Pack 2
    In this other one there's the "hard achievements made easy" group (about 15 saves). In particular, other than a few advanced saves, you will find a save with 88:13:54 hours played (Data 11): this save is on Level 4 of Basel with the best weapons and customization possible, all three characters at level 300 (max), all the missions completed except one for defeating a simple enemy outside of Ebel City (the Elderly Man) which is worth an achievement, so you can complete it easily and get the achievement if you need; the other mission which is not completed yet of course is the one for completing the game, so if you defeat the Elderly Man you get the Disrespect Your Elders achievement, and if you also complete the game afterwards you will get The Legendary Hunter just after killing the final boss. The Arena is almost completely cleared, Rank 2 to 50 are at "Star" level, Rank 1 is at level 10, so you will get Stardust Hunter after winning just one fight (Rank 1-10). More than 3,000 enemies defeated, more than 3,000 body parts destroyed, so you're also ready and set for Professional Hunter and Material Collector, two more grinding achievements. Note that you will unlock Tera-Driver, Basel's Repairman and Basel's Liberator as soon as you load this save game. So sum-up:

    Unlocked as soon as you load the game: Tera-Driver, Basel's Repairman, Basel's Liberator.
    Ready for: Hero Actor (do one Hero Action for this), Professional Hunter (defeating one enemy is enough), Material Collector (destroying one enemy body part is enough), Stardust Hunter (just complete the first mission in the Arena), Disrespect Your Elders (this mission is ready outside of Ebel City on Level 4), The Legendary Hunter (complete the quest of the Elderly Man on Level 4 of Basel first, then complete the game; the final dungeon has been already cleared, so you only have to proceed forward and defeat just a few enemies on the way, or simply ignore them), Shopaholic (3M Rubies in inventory).

    In Pack 2 there's also a couple of New Game+ saves, and the second one (88:33:56; it's Data 13) was created after completing the game loading the save with 88:13:54 gametime, so you can start with a ton of good stuff and make the game extremely easy. WARNING: note that if you load this save with 88:33:56 to start a new playthrough you will immediately unlock "A New Beginning" (and also Tera-Driver, for what matters) which you're not supposed to unlock until after beating the game once. Instead of that one, you can load up the save with 88:35:37 (Data 14). You will start at the very beginning of the game, in the Base, just after the introduction scenes, and you won't unlock the A New Beginning achievement (you will unlock Tera-Driver though). You will still have all the great weapons and stuff of New Game+ so the game will be a breeze. However, beware that at the end you will unlock the achievement for completing the game twice (Lap Two Complete) if you complete it from this save, and you will also unlock Legendary Hunter after your first quest (it's the achievement for completing all the quests of the game; you shouldn't get this before defeating the last boss of the game) and Professional Hunter and Material Collector (not very believable before at least Chapter 14), so again watch out for achievements out of order here.

    The other New Game+ save (Data 1, 80:05:09) starts also at the Base as early as possible, you have the Monster Kill count at 2,404, Body Parts Destroyed at 2,627, all the quests completed except the one for defeating the Elderly Man. This should let you go through the game without unlocking any "suspicious" achievement earlier than you're supposed to, except the usual Tera-Driver which pops as you load it. This save has a barely started Arena (all the Ranks are unlocked, but they're all at level 3 only) and characters are at level 200-something instead of 300. Level 200-something is still extremely high to ace the game from the beginning to the end, and you still have the best customized weapons ready, so you're really not weaker than in the other save, it's just a little less fashionable :p You can do everything easily with it, except the Stardust Hunter achievement which is not "ready to unlock"; just get game-save Data 11 (88:13:54) for that one, and you'll be fine. Try not to fight too many enemies, just to be safe with the achievements for killing 3,000 monsters and destroying 3,000 body parts (they're not very suspicious if you unlock them after the achievements for completing Chapter 13-14, and they will seem legit anytime after that).

    You can use Data 4 (75:53:51) for the achievement Hundred Plus Club (a "legit" time for this one is in Chapter 16, so it's better if you don't unlock it before the achievement for completing Chapter 15). Zephyr is just a handful of points away from level 100 in Thrown Weapons.

    Pack 3
    This one is a group of 17 saves just before completing every chapter. Data 1 is before completing Chapter 1, Data 2 before completing Chapter 2 and so on. They are all done on New Game+, so you will unlock Tera-Driver by loading any of them. They go from Data 1 to Data 16 since there's 16 Chapters; Data 17 is before completing the Prologue. These saves could help out if you quickly need to get the Chapter X Completed achievements to sort your achievement order. It's similar to part of Pack 1 (except Pack 1 is not a collection of New Game+ saves, while this one is, and Pack 1 has also all the quests cleared on the way while Pack 3 is a bunch of saves in a speedrun where I merely went through the story as quickly as possible), so see what you need and use it. If you complete the game from any of these Datas you will unlock also the achievement Lap Two Complete (since it's already a save on the second playthrough), which you're supposed to unlock only after "A New Beginning". Data 16 is just before the final dungeon, so you can get Lap Two Complete very quickly, just go and defeat the final boss, then wait for the credits and it'll pop up.

    For other various achievements (such as the one for clearing Neverland) you can try and look for various saves in the Pack 1; you will most likely find one which is not far from what you want to achieve.

    Finally if you want to try to complete this game legit (it's a lot of fun if you understand how it works) I suggest this guide, it helps a ton and trust me it's much more fun to play it legit than just cheat your way through (I know because I tried both :D), then of course you can game-save your way through the most boring achievements (completing quests, grinding kills, arena, liberating Basel, etc.) with those saves in Pack 2.

    P.S. I hope it's ok to post that external link since it's not a competitor website.
    P.P.S. I know that Mediafire puts down the files after a certain amount of time. If they are down, send me a message instead of just replying in the topic, hopefully I will notice soon enough. It wouldn't be a bad idea if one of the more active users that attend this [great] forum wants to download these files and keep them on his hard disk and then re-upload them in my place if someone reports dead links and I don't see his request (I don't have much time to attend forums!). I've made an attachment-backup for Pack 2 (mirror link below), but unfortunately Pack 1 is just too big (more than 50MB) so I can't upload it directly on here.
    P.P.P.S. In case you wonder, the ROE_0000.bin file is the "Resume Game" game data (it's nothing special, I just happened to leave it there :#).

    Resonance of Fate - Pack 2.rar

    Enjoy =)
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    Re: Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)

    these are amazing, great share Excelsior :)
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    Re: Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)

    Wow, Great contribution Excelsior. Truly a masterpiece. :)

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    Dude that's an excellent share excelsior awesome job bro :)
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    Re: Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)

    I owned this game but my xbox broke the dvd u.u anyway this is GOLD! i remember that this was one of the hardest games i EVER played :S really represented a challenge but its really good once you understand the game :P

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    Re: Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)

    Save data 11 in Pack 2 is perfect. I stopped at rank 35-STAR awhile ago and could not go back. Nice touch leaving rank 1. These saves are great for anyone that has played through the game before as you don't have to worry about out of order achievements.

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    Re: Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)

    Yea # 11 is probably the most important one considering how long and boring the Arena can get.
    I've slightly edited and updated Pack 2 and added also Pack 3, now there should be pretty much everything one could need to skip the grinding. Thanks for the nice comments ^^

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    Re: Resonance of Fate - Save Collection (ready for achievements)

    Wow, very nice work on these sets. I've been looking for a good new game+ save and I think I found it, nice share.
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