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Two Possible Shockers at PAX Prime 2012
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    Two Possible Shockers at PAX Prime 2012

    Over the years PAX Prime has become one of the biggest events in gaming. Here are a couple of big titles we are hoping make an appearance at PAX Prime 2012.

    Metal Gear Solid 5. This is at the top of our list of what we expect to show up at PAX Prime 2012 and here is why. Kojima is expected to do an introspective on the past, present, and FUTURE of Metal Gear during a panel at PAX Prime. We have already brought up the possibility that Kojima is set to reveal Metal Gear Solid 5 during PAX Prime, but now we are almost certain this will happen.

    On August 30, 2012 Konami will reveal the Fox engine and apparently "shock" the gaming world. Nothing will shock me more than the reveal of Metal Gear Solid 5 running on the Fox engine. Two day's later is when Kojima will do the introspective on the Metal Gear series, and I will not be surprised if the Future of Metal Gear is what's being teased for the August 30th event being held in Tokyo. We will be at the PAX Metal Gear introspective to give our impressions on the event so stay tuned for more.

    Our next shocker we hope will make an appearance is Grand Theft Auto V.

    If Rockstar shows up at PAX Prime with a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V I will be extremely happy. Over the past couple of weeks Rockstar has been showing off different sets of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V after months of barely releasing anything. This could be highly coincidental, but Rockstar has stated recently that more Grand Theft Auto V info will be coming soon.

    What better place to release new information on Grand Theft Auto V then at PAX Prime. Rockstar showing up to PAX Prime isn't uncanny, considering they just showed off a bit of Max Payne 3 prior to it's release at PAX East 2012.

    There is always the chance that none of this will come true, but if the fates allow it, gamers everywhere will be in store for some pretty solid and grand announcements in the coming week.

    Source DualShock Nexus
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    Re: Two Possible Shockers at PAX Prime 2012

    nice to know, good share drizzt :)
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    Re: Two Possible Shockers at PAX Prime 2012

    Nice info shared there drizzt. Thanks.
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    Awesome info share drizzt :)
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    Re: Two Possible Shockers at PAX Prime 2012

    I always Imagined a metal gear, but with Liquid as the hero, call it Metal gear liquid lol. Liquid snake has a little backstory, I think he was in the gulf war or something for the U.K.



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