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Mets08123's Photoshop Tutorials
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    Mets08123's Photoshop Tutorials

    Signature Tutorials:

    Modern Warfare 2 Signature Tutorial:

    Darrelle Revis Signature Tutorial:
    Resources for all C4Ds and Brushes used in tut: Mets08123's Sig Tut Resources.zip


    Daredevil Signature Tutorial:
    Resource Pack for Tutorial- Click Me
    Here is the tutorial:

    Toothless Signature Tutorial:
    Resources: Click Me

    How to Make A Smudge Signature Video:

    Photoshop Tutorials:

    Glossy Text Tutorial:

    How to Install Fonts:

    Step 1
    First select all the fonts you wish to install

    Step 2
    Then, just right-click a Font and click Install

    You're Done!

    How to Install Brushes:

    Step 1
    Go to My Computer>>Your HDD>>Program Files>>Adobe>>Adobe Photoshop CS5>>Presets>>Brushes

    Step 2
    Now just copy all the brushes there

    You're Done!

    How to Add A Simple Lighting Effect:

    I'm not going to add any pictures because I feel it isn't needed :D Okay now lets start:

    Step 1:
    Go to your top layer and click it. Also, make sure White is selected as your Foreground color

    Step 2:
    Go to Layer>>New Fill Layer>>Gradient

    Step 3:
    Now use these settings:
    Gradient: Use the drop down and select the second option
    Style: Linear
    Angle: -90 (for top) 90 (for bottom) Just choose whatever one seems like it would be better for the signature in my case it was -90
    Scale: 113%
    Now click ok.

    Step 4:
    Now set the opacity of that layer to whatever suites what your looking for in my case it was 23%

    Step 5:
    You're Done!

    How to Make A Simple Border:

    Step 1:
    When your done with your signature go to the top layer and click it. Then, create a new layer.

    Step 2:
    Now go to Select>>All

    Step 3:
    Go to Edit>>Stroke

    Step 4:
    Now in the Stroke Dialog Box use these settings:
    Width: 3 px
    Color: Black (#000000)
    Location: Center
    Mode: Normal
    Opacity: 100%
    Now hit ok.

    Step 5:
    Now go to Select>>Deselect
    Now save and you're done!

    Outcome should be like this:

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    Vincent Valentine

    Re: Mets08123's Photoshop Tutorials

    Nice tutorial, will definitely help those who don't know how to do any of those

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    The Immortal God

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    Re: Mets08123's Photoshop Tutorials

    great tutorials Mets08123 :D
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    Re: Mets08123's Photoshop Tutorials

    Quote Originally Posted by Demon View Post
    Nice tutorial, will definitely help those who don't know how to do any of those
    Yeah, these are old as crap. I made these when I was first starting out :D

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    Retired Staff

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    Yes finally a tut lol i been trying to get into photoshop this will help :) great share Mets
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    Re: Mets08123's Photoshop Tutorials

    Awesome share, thanks for this.
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    Re: Mets08123's Photoshop Tutorials

    nice job on this tuts Mets08123
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