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[Tutorial] Dragon age origins modding
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    Love Dragon age origins modding

    hey theres some dragon age origins modding stuff going around that doesnt really work but then i found this walkthrough by this guy syutsu on this website
    Choose Language | BioWare Social Network
    it tells you how to use the editor quite clearly and gives you downloads of what you need to do it sadly the link for the checksum doenst work anymore and the website it was on removed it so i will upload it for you guys.
    I followed the tutorial as he discribes and my save didnt work only because he missed out telling you that after you have modded your save do the checksum fixer again and the put the savegame.das and savegame.das.x back onto the save then usb.
    Ummm i only used modio for tis as i didnt know if would work on horizon but i thought i would share.
    I never used his save extractor as you can just use modio to extract the save then extract the needed files from the save.
    The laydown for the tutorial is:
    extract your save from usb or hard drive how ever you do it,
    open the save in modio or if you want to try horizon you can,
    extract savegame.das and savegame.das.x to somewhere easy to access,
    use the checksum fixer on the 2 - double click the press resign choose savegame.das then when window pops up again chose savegame.das.x then leave it for about 10 seconds then close,
    now open the editor file and double click the application daosavegame to open the editor,
    now edit what you want( all i done was with my money typed 999 at the begining and in my strength and health put a 9 at begining so i have tones of health and most enemies die with one swing the bosses prob 4 swing tops,
    once you have done go file and save the file and exit,
    then do the checksum resigner again to make it work then put savegame.das and savegame.das.x back in the save and clish rehash and resign a few times just to make sure ha ha then put back on your xbox and should work as it has for me everytime.

    i just put all the files you will need on here haha i take no credit for any of these all credit goes to the brainy guys that made them so
    modio by Game-tuts
    Dragon age modder by mephales
    dao reigner i dont know who made it but cheers for that.

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    Great share super nice job bro :)
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    Re: Dragon age origins modding

    nice share superdz89
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    Re: Dragon age origins modding

    very nice tut shared superdaz89
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    Re: Dragon age origins modding

    cheers guys
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    Re: Dragon age origins modding

    The pyGFF editor is fun to play around with, you can make some pretty badass characters once you get the hang of it, it's possible to swap classes and add skills, then swap back. I wanted to make a dark knight character so I used a warrior base, then swapped to mage, added some spells, then back to warrior. Now I have a warrior that can cast fire spells and some entropy spells. Also works great if you want to play as an arcane warrior, you can actually have some weapon skills instead of just straight auto-attack boredom. I was hex editing this game for a long time before this editor came out, you do still need to hex the save to change effects and tiers on the weapons and armor, or swapping the armor/weapon sets though.
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    Re: Dragon age origins modding

    i never had much luck on hex editing the save would work but nothing was ever changed on it so kinda gave up on it

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    Re: Dragon age origins modding

    Thanks for this. I think I will play this again now.


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