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Thread: Glitching

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    If enough people want i will start uploading glitches alot more because i know alot more glitches than i can find on the internet like a glitch with crackdown 2 i knew in the first week of playing it and someone just recently found that glitch (6 days ago)
    here is a glitch for borderlands 2 before it comes out properly
    Equipment Duping
    step 1, copy the save if you cant copy the save on the console then copy the save on a laptop or computer you should know how to do that
    step 2, enter a duel
    step 3, select a weapon or shield you want to dupe
    step 4, loose the duel
    step 5, get the back up save
    step 6, enjoy
    Example player 1 wants a shotgun player 2 has player 2 makes a back up of the save then player 1 and player 2 enters a duel player 1 selects any weapon player 2 selects the shotgun and player 1 wins the duel then player 2 gets the back up save now both player 1 and player 2 has the shotgun or do the same duping way as borderlands 1 its your choice
    This can work with split screen or system link or online but does require 2 profiles

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    Re: Glitching

    looks good...



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