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Does anyone want skyrim achievement saves
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    Does anyone want skyrim achievement saves

    Does anyone want me to upload skyrim saves for getting and upgrading three houses/land and for a legendary dragon and vampire and warewolf upgrades deadrik artifacts if 10 or more people reply or do any thing that means they want me to i will upload them.
    The reaason for 10 or more is skyrim is fairly old and not many people would still need achievements and i dont want to waste my time and find out no one wants the saves but its worth a try.
    Who made the UBER save for skyrim because i am using that one and want to thank them for the save.

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    Re: Does anyone want skyrim achievement saves

    sure why not theres alot of people that would like that and enjoy playing skyrim
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    Re: Does anyone want skyrim achievement saves

    I would love a save for the werewolf and vampire perk achievement and the legendary dragon one

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    Re: Does anyone want skyrim achievement saves

    yes please xD Tired of trying to get the werewolf and vampire achievement

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    Re: Does anyone want skyrim achievement saves

    yeah man i need the 50 skill books read and find 15 deadric artifacts cause these are a pain to do...so if you can upload them or at least send it to me i would appreciate it.

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    Do any of you know if anyone can mod my save, i have been looking and pisting for awhile and i guess no one is checking the skyrim post anymore. If someone can please max all skills set to 100, 500 each of dragon bones, dragon scales, ebony ingots, firewood, and dwarven metal ingots, and 500 black soul gems with grand souls in them, Improved carrying weight, More gold, whatever the save limit is without breaking the game, lol. 9999 all ingrideints, 50 falmet helmets, disenchantable item for smithing increase and enchanting (if any?), 10 jagged crowns, 500 grand soul gems, thank you so much in advance.




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