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Remembering 9/11
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    Remembering 9/11

    So it's September 11th, 11 years from when America got attacked. This should act as a thread to share stories, accounts, personal experiances or anything you'd like to say about the tragedy. Please refrain from hate, flame and generally rude comments on the topic.. It's still very sensitive for some people.

    My story:

    Well, I was on a destroyer at the time in New York, watching the TV on how he ship operates and all that. It suddenly switched from that to the news and the first plane had already hit. I was with my parents and my sister. My dad started to cry because he's from new York and has pride in it (my whole heritage is from NY). We were standing there in awe of what just happened as the second plane hit. I don't need to go any further in describing the horror that set in my family and I. My dad started praying for those who were in the buildings. After a long while of standing in shock we walked over to an overlook that was facing the ocean and saw dolphins shooting out of the water with a sunset background. It was a good break from the shit we just saw. Ah, and we were planning on visiting the towers later that day.

    That's my account, let's hear all yours.
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    Re: Remembering 9/11

    i was in middle school at the time, when my teacher got news over the intercom, he turned on the tv, and the first plane had hit already also, my classmates and i were in shock, some of them were crying when the second plane hit, i couldnt believe something like this actually was happening, i remember feeling angry and upset that i couldnt do anything for those people in the towers, just felt hopeless
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    Re: Remembering 9/11

    9/11 When America attacked their own. I was in school doing maths at the time.

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    Re: Remembering 9/11

    I was at work when i heard the news that a plane hit the WTC , I was shocked and i couln,t work anymore.
    I said to my boss i,m taking a half day off , when i was home i only watched tv for hours and hours hoping that al the people get out save
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