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Borderlands 2 Golden Keys in the gpd?
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    Borderlands 2 Golden Keys in the gpd?

    so i have two golden keys. right now im pretty sure it saves them in the gpd. im wondering if i backed up my current gpd. then in game spent the keys and saved my character and back over on the computer i replaced the two used keys gpd with the gpd before i used the keys if this would be some sort of get all the keys i want thing. if that makes sense. in my head it seems like the gpd would reset to having the 2 keys and my saved character would still be saved with the items from the golden chest. i dont want to spend my keys if it turns out im wrong though and be unable to get them back. curious what you guys think.

    gpd+2keys=character save

    gpd-2keys=character save + rare guns

    gpd replace +2keys=character save + rare guns

    gpd-2 keys=character save + rare guns + rare guns.

    gpd replace +2keys=character save + rare guns + rare guns

    thats pretty much my thought process.
    i could be wrong though and it might not even save the keys in the gpd.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Golden Keys in the gpd?

    Perhaps u could post your gpd if you dont mind and it might work for other people as well? Worth a shot.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Golden Keys in the gpd?

    Want to know the answer????

    It could work

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Golden Keys in the gpd?

    If u have saved game from 1st borderlands maxed characters u should get more keys and if u save ur game to pc get items with keys then reload ur back up get keys back I think if u give the items to someone else u can keep doing this but think should be done offline

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Golden Keys in the gpd?

    It is in the gpd. it either records how many spent or how many u have. Deleting your gpd after using your keys gives back your keys. I know this because i spent them without knowing at first then deleted my gpd for bl2 so delete or backup your gpd to preserve your keys and badass and or delete it then use as many keys vice versa then your character will save em on them. also what i figured out is that the secret stash also saves on gpd to share within characters. anything that is a global variable as in keys and secret stash and badass points will be saved to your gpd. we just need a decompressor to properly edit these values.



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