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**Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**
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    **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    Hello everyone! I am wanting to start moddifying my BL2 games saves, has anyone figured out any strings of code in hex editor for weapons, sheilds, money, anything? Naturally when I load up my game save into hex editor I can find some words or code that relate to something I want to mod. Just glancing through a few game saves I dont see anything. Is there a program or something that can translate the code in hex editor so that its English? lol. Maybe I am doing the process wrong or may have to do something to the save before I load it into Hex editor. Any advice or help would be great. I did download the resign and hash programs posted in other threads but Im unsure of the process to use them. Im assuming I rehash and import the save once I make changes but who knows. I know it's a lot to throw out here but I thank you all for the help.

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    Re: **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    You have to decompress the save before you can hex edit it.

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    Re: **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    How do I decompress it? What program? I have unzipped the ones I have downloaded but my game save is not compressed.

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    Re: **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    I had no luck even after decompressing. I will write a quick program to decompress later today, unless someone else does it first.

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    Re: **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    Hey thanks Seth! I hate to be "that" guy asking. I just read the thread about decompressing so I'm a little behind. If you need anything just ask or send me a private message.

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    Re: **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    These boards are on fire with Borderlands 2 posts! I'm trying to patiently wait myself. My son and I usually do the first playthrough together without any mods just to beat it and then do the second playthrough with fun mods. I hope it is as fun as the first one. The game and the mods! Thanks to all those who work on this stuff. You guys are quite talented.

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    Re: **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    i really hope something gets released soon lol wish we had some ETAs or something

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    Re: **Borderlands 2 Modding Questions**

    Does anyone know if WillowTree will be updated for Borderlands 2?


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