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Borderlands 2 POPremierClub mod?
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    Borderlands 2 POPremierClub mod?

    Ok so I'm sure everyone out there has noticed even without the pre order you still have the golden chest. Now I know on the pc you can simply mod the save files to get golden keys and the pre order bonus but, my question is does anyone know if you can do this for xbox? Am I able to copy and paste the dlc files to my xbox hdd and get the pre order bonus? I mainly want the golden keys. Any help on this topic would be appreciated. Thank you

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    Re: Borderlands 2 POPremierClub mod?

    For a retail xbox anyway, dev/(jtag/rgh) can run pretty much whatever the hell they want.
    Reason being the dlc files have their signatures broken to work with everyones profiles and consoles whereas for retail it's signed to you and you alone.

    Besides that the keys aren't actually in the save far as i know, they along with badass rank are in whats known as the gpd which is directly tied to your profile, it's literally inside it. This can be swapped out for a hacked one but I have never seen a procedure involving a gpd swap ever working out properly, for me it always makes the profile unstable.

    So in summary: hacked gpd or nothing.
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    Re: Borderlands 2 POPremierClub mod?

    there is a profile with 255 keys.. if you put your save on that profile you can farm the chest off-line

    its in a post about 255 keys

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    Re: Borderlands 2 POPremierClub mod?

    well on xbox you get a free golden key for signing up for shift on the borderlands menu. if you get that key you could copy your profile onto your computer and replace your profile over and over. the items will save to the save and the key will reset with your profile. last resort kinda thing though

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    Re: Borderlands 2 POPremierClub mod?

    Wow very helpful Advice here. Thanks. I didn't know about the free key. I will have to try that out. And 8ball thanks buddy

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    Re: Borderlands 2 POPremierClub mod?

    You can make a offline account (Player1) and give it the modded 255 key gpd (Look on the forums) and then just have your player1 open the chest and your main pick up the loot, to get them both same level, copy your main's savegame over and rehash/resign with player1. That should work, that is what i do.



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