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Black Ops:2 Zombie Story line theory |Mind Blowing||
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    Black Ops:2 Zombie Story line theory |Mind Blowing||


    (I am now taking in theories so leave reply below with what you think the story line is going to be like...
    30 Minute Video Story behind Nazi Zombies


    Samantha's Mansion

    The Zombie Story Line Up To This Point...

    The Entire Story Line

    Now From the Point After Moon

    Intensively Detailed Story

    Ok so during Moon there was the Easter Egg that told us many secrets about the whole zombie plan and what Richtofen was planning to do this whole time, BUT what you probably did not here were the quotes said while doing the Easter Egg... these quotes provided mass amounts of information that almost every one overlooked.

    First thing is first you are going to have to know what these words mean before anything.

    \Aether- Another dimension in the zombies game

    The Casimir Effect- To sum it up the links above, when two metal plates are placed parallel from each other at a specific distance apart will create a pressure in the middle of this plate. This pressure is caused from a slight difference in wavelength from inbetween and outside the plates. Realistically, this effect is difficult to harness as the calculations are impossible due to infite wavelengths. However, if the certain numbers of wave lengths is known, the Casimir Effect can be harnessed as energy. Considering the source of energy is a vacuum, the vacuum of space could be an incomprehensible source of energy.

    The Vril Ya - Vril, the Power of the Coming Race is an 1871 science fiction novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, originally printed as The Coming Race. Many early readers believed that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called "Vril" was accurate, to the extent that some theosophists accepted the book as truth. A 1960 popular book speculated on a secret Vril Society in pre-Nazi Berlin.

    The hero soon discovers that the Vril-ya are descendants of an antediluvian civilization who live in networks of subterranean caverns linked by tunnels. It is a technologically supported Utopia, chief among their tools being the "all-permeating fluid" called "Vril", a latent source of energy which his spiritually elevated hosts are able to master through training of their will, to a degree which depends upon their hereditary constitution, giving them access to an extraordinary force that can be controlled at will. The powers of the will include the ability to heal, change, and destroy beings and things; the destructive powers in particular are awesomely powerful, allowing a few young Vril-ya children to wipe out entire cities if necessary. It is also suggested that the Vril-ya are fully telepathic.

    The narrator states that in time, the Vril-ya will run out of habitable spaces underground and start claiming the surface of the Earth, destroying mankind in the process if necessary.

    So Now We May Begin...

    Maxis is Dead, but in the Aether

    Maxis is dead. He was killed that fateful day at Griffin Station after he told Samantha to kill everyone in the facility.

    However, it appears that Maxis' soul is still trapped in Aether. She knows he's there ("TAKE ME TO MY FATHER"), because his soul transfered into the MPD after being shot, and they we're reunited once more. She knows he's in there, and hopes he can help her.

    Samantha's Quotes That Hint To This

    "Why did Daddy have to die? - upgrade_wait_1
    TAKE ME TO MY FATHER" - boxmove
    Daddy, is that you? - powerup_a????es__plr2 (negative(red) powerup)
    Daddy, make him stop! - quest_step_7

    When We Kill Zombies, Their Souls are Fed to Aether, Powering Whoever's in Charge

    Why do zombies attack us you ask? Well it's not brains.

    Zombies attack us because someone is controlling them, from the Aether (Vril Pyramid). This controller sends zombies out on the world, in hopes they will be killed and their souls sent to Aether, increasing the power and strength of their master. This can be seen when we fill the viles of the pyramid on Moon. Notice Samantha's voice get much deeper than ever before. The lifeforce was giving her more strength than ever.

    This is the reason why as the zombie maps advanced, the zombies got quicker, and smarter. Their master (Samantha) got stronger the more zombies we killed, and thus her capabilities as master grew in the process. Samantha did not fully understand the position of power she held. To her it was in part just a game.

    However, with someone like Richtofen being the controller, things are much more drastic. One might assume it couldn't get worse than Richtofen being in charge. But I ask you, what's more threatening than this?

    The voices controlling the controller. The voices!!

    Samantha's Quotes That Hint To This-

    Dont kill the zombies, hell just gain power when you do - power-up_ammo
    Stop tempting us to kill Edward- power-up_ammo
    No matter how many you kill, we cannot win this way - friend headshot
    He just wants you to earn points faster! powerup_dblpoints

    Some Souls Travel to Aether After Death

    Based on the fact that Maxis soul ended up in the Aether after death, and this quote from Sam, some souls travel to Aether upon death. But what differentiates Maxis and Samantha from others? Contact with 115? with the Vril Ya? or something else?

    Samantha's Quotes Hinting This-

    Soon I will be dead, and then youll be sorry - ohshit_9

    The Gersch Device, An Unstoppable Portal to Aether

    The Gersch Device is a direct gateway to the Aether, however it does not create a strong enough Casimir Effect to maintain a stable gateway. Instead, you just pass through for a second, before returning to Earth in a random location. I will go into the Casimir Effect more below.

    These are nods to the 'Pocket Teleporter' ad seen on the loading screen of Moon.

    Samantha's Then Richtofen's quotes - Hinting

    "Feed the Aether" - gersche device
    Tell Edward to die -gersche device
    Suck Gersch, suck them all! Tell that little brat Im coming for her
    I caught a glimpse of Edwardarrogant - teleporting through gersch device

    The Gersch Device, simply, deadly, and comes complete with batteries
    My own personal pocket teleporter, sweet!" - gersch device


    The Casimir Effect

    Richtofen placed the Vril Generator w/ 115 Focusing Stone into the Casimir Mechanism he built on the Moon. After doing his calculations (not without an attempted thwart by Maxis), Richtofen is able to harness the infinite energy of the vacuum of space to charge the Vril Generator with an enormous amount of energy. This energy, when near the Vril Pyramid, releases the viles to appear. The pyramid senses it's own energy in abundant amounts, thus the viles appear without any buttons or switches.

    The Casimir Effect can also be seen during the Easter Egg on Ascension. Throughout the Easter Egg, we continue to power Gersch's Casimir Mechanism prototype, but it never seems to have enough power to provide Gersch with a direct passage back to Ascension. It's not until we throw multiple Gersch Devices (creating a tremendous amount of vacuum btw) and use Wonder Weapons (powered by 115) that a powerful enough Casimir Effect to be created to power the Casimir Mechanism. Gersch is able to escape the Aether after we have done this, and his soul returns to Ascenion, and then floats up to the heavens.

    Richtofen's Quotes-

    Great that worked, now where did I put the Casimir holder?" -said after retrieving the plates from Area 51
    A Casimir effect only occurs when there is a vacuum - said after throwing the QED in the Recieving Bay during EE.
    Ah Gersch, the builder of the Casimir Mechanism prototype, I will show you how to build a REAL one

    Ascension: When and Why

    It's obvious by now why we traveled to Ascension. Richtofen took the gang there to use the Casimir Mechanism prototype created by Gersch to switch souls with Samantha. Upon arriving and hearing Gersch's predicament, Richtofen realizes that he cannot switch souls with Samantha simply by going to the Aether. That would just result in Sam tormenting him there. That's when he develops his plans for Griffin Station, travels to Call of the Dead and Shangri La for the items, and to then to Griffin Station.

    What has always been a question is the time of the event though. I believe this quote provides an answer. Gersch was too young when Richtofen first developed his plan to swtich bodies with Sam, thus he could not use Gersch to develop a "Richtofen Device". He had to travel foward in time to the base to retrieve the Gersche Device after it was completed. How he was aware of Gersch's creation is still unclear.

    Richtofen's Quotes-

    Dr. Gersch. He would have fit into my project had he been born earlier

    Samantha Took Mercy on Gersch

    Gersch's soul manage to survive in the Aether because Samantha took mercy on him. Ironically leading to her ultimately being removed from the Aether.

    Samantha's Quotes-

    I should of never had any mercy on Gersch! gersch device
    I should of destroyed Gersches soul!" gersche device

    Maxis and Richtofen Worked on the Artifact Together

    The Artifact clearly has a significant meaning in the grand scheme of things. Both Richtofen and Maxis have worked with it before. What is the origins of this artifact? And what mysterious powers does it possess? More research MUST be done on this. However, it may lead in a dark direction...

    Richtofen's then Samantha's Quotes-

    Oh wunderbar I was wondering where that artifact went.
    I knew I should of invented an egg moving robot. Stupid Maxis with his rules and stupid accent.

    This must be the artifact Daddy was talking about! - quest_step_8

    The Black Egg of the Devil

    The egg's background may be a very dark one. Tank, Tak, and Nikolai all mention a "black egg", and Takeo in particular even references the Devil himself. Observe the symbols on the egg:


    "An egg.of the Devil" - quest_step_2
    I do not like this egg, it gives me a very bad feeling - quest_step_8

    "Hey, check it out, there's a black egg. Wonder what it does?"

    "Do not hit it too hard, a black egg does not smell too good.

    The Vril Ya are Coming

    Earlier I talked about how Richtofen's now controlling the pyramid, but someone is controlling Richtofen. The voices. The voices he hears is that of the ancient Vril Ya.

    This was never Richtofen's plan. Richtofen has been nothing more than a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Samantha never fully understood the power of her position, thus she was never strong enough for the Vril Ya for their plan of wiping out mankind. The Vril Ya have been the voices in his head, and the masterminds behind his plans. You'll notice how he mentions both the voices in his head and the fact he has a masterplan for the first time immediately after touching the Vril Pyramid. As Richtofen got closer and closer to completing his plans, the voices got louder and louder (The voices in my head, they SCREAM!).

    The Vril Ya have used Richtofen to complete their plan of taking over Earth. It's how he knew the whereabouts of the Golden Rod and Focusing Stone. They TOLD him where it was. Richtofen was the perfect candidate for their plan. Everything's going according to plan. It's gonna be up to our crew to stop them.

    The Vril Ya are coming...

    Richtofen's Quotes-

    This "Vril" shall yield to me their secrets (22:53) -wpck_hacker_3
    The voices in my head, they scream!

    Alternate Realities and Dimensions

    \This is an interesting one to note. This very quote could hint at alternate realities and dimension existing within the storyline of Zombies. Some theorists believe that alternate dimensions do indeed exist, this may provide some evidence to back up such claims.

    This quote is said when picking up a red, negative powerup that seemingly does nothing. It's possible this refers to the Aether being affected by the power, but I have my doubts with that

    Richtofen's Quote-

    Nothing happened, at least in this reality (said when picking up a negative(red) power up)


    While Sophia's nationality has never been confirmed, I believe the quote from Richtofen might give a hint at her nationality.

    I think it's safe to assume that when Richtofen says this, he's speaking from experience. And what's the only female that we know about besides Samantha? Sophia. Furthermore, I think the quote is referring to when Richtofen and Maxis were working together at Der Riese, and Sophia became a distraction to Maxis.

    Now I know Sophia was just Maxis' assistant, but this could mean that Americans we're indeed in Group 935.

    Now many of you guys I bet have seen the poster that comes with the pre ordered game... the one of the girl standing with the shotgun... yea well I think that is Sophia, because well she looks American and looks like a girl who would like to play games ( you know in the bedroom)

    Also, based on Samantha's quotes about Teddy is Richtofen, Sophia may be in the Aether as well. This can't be confirmed unless "Teddy's" identity can be confirmed.

    Richtofen's Then Samantha's Quote-

    What is it with Grophs obsession with American women, all they do is play games.

    First Ill find Teddy, then Sophia - sniper_4

    The Gang Wants Revenge

    The gang can all clearly see now what Richtofen's plans were, and have all vowed to get revenge for what he has done.


    You cannot hide in there forever Edward [color=#4040BF]- boxmove
    "But I want my body back! And I will destroy that evil Richtofen for taking daddy away!"

    I will destroy you yet Edward! - quest_step_7

    I hate Dictofen. That guys gonna get whats coming to him one day

    So thats what he wanted to do, I probably should of seen that coming


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    Re: Black Ops:2 Zombie Story line theory |Mind Blowing||

    to much Black Ops lol
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    Re: Black Ops:2 Zombie Story line theory |Mind Blowing||

    Quote Originally Posted by thegutta View Post
    It's Never enough Cloud :p :D

    Very True Enough is never enough

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    Re: Black Ops:2 Zombie Story line theory |Mind Blowing||

    i like black ops , nice share DivineOne
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    Re: Black Ops:2 Zombie Story line theory |Mind Blowing||

    I'm really excited to play the new episode of Call of Duty the Black OPS zombies and I expect new opponents, weapons and challenging stage and boss.

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    Re: Black Ops:2 Zombie Story line theory |Mind Blowing||

    clicked because i didnt think it could possibly blow my mind. here i am an hour later, mind=blown.



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