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Borderlands 2 "Challenge Accepted" Looking for Gamesave
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    Borderlands 2 "Challenge Accepted" Looking for Gamesave

    Another whole day of searching.. and nothing. man I'm one unlucky sob. Will be back at it tomorrow, sorry for the delay t.t

    Borderlands 2 Easy "Challenge Accepted" Achievement

    This achievement can be a little troublesome because you have to find and kill "Jimmy Jenkins", and he is a rare spawn. So this save, all you'll have to do is use a shotgun (push right on D-pad) and during the Normal play-though run up close and kill one mob. Boom "Challenge Accepted" Achievement Done =D

    This is for Xbox 360 Siren level 50
    (coming soon if i ever find Jimmy Jenkins) I will upload my save once i find Jimmy, Been searching for him for days now... D=

    Challenge Accepted (30 points)

    Complete level 1 of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character

    If someone beats me too it and already has Jimmy Jenkins killed, Could you upload your save? So we just have to finish one small challenge and will get the achievement.
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