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Pandora Jewelery
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    Pandora Jewelery

    Pandora Australia was founded in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Per and Winnie Enevoldsen. By 1984 their products were so in demand they opened their own manufacturing facility in Thailand to ensure product control and stock levels were sufficient for their demands.

    In 1999 Pandora created their charm bracelet concept which allowed customers to buy a bracelet and then customise it by adding charms, beads and spacers to it from over 600 unique designs. The individual charms were made from Gold, Silver, Murano Glass and Wood and some even featured precious and semi precious stones. The concept behind the bracelet being that every bracelet would be unique and owners would buy new charms to reflect memorable moments in their life such as weddings, anniversaries and children.

    Pandora Charms opened its first overseas store in 2006, in Hamburg, Germany and this was swiftly followed by outlets in the USA, Australia, Denmark and Switzerland. The company now employs over 1200 individuals in over 20 countries.

    Aside from its range of Pandora Jewelry Bracelets and Charms, Pandora also produce a range of earrings, rings and necklaces and in 2010 they are launching a sunglasses range for the first time. The Pandora Liquid Silver range is their premium range of products and features a range of bracelets, earrings and pendants all in silver with Pandora's distinctive style. In 2008 Pandora introduces a range of combinable rings called "love pods" which were created from 18K Gold and featured diamonds, topaz, and quartz stones. Owners can buy new rings and styles to create a different look each time they wear them.

    In the last 2 years in particular Pandora Australia has seen an explosion in its popularity, with queues heading out the door in many official stockists particularly before important occasions such as Valentines, Mothers and Christmas day.

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