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Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield
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    Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield

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    Re: Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield

    Go kill Hunter Hellquist in Arid Nexus Boneyard. Hes in little building up the elevator.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield

    Have 4 different Bee shields. PM me your Xbox gamertag

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    Re: Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield

    There are also various saves uploaded in threads all over this forum that contain a few different variations of the level 50 bee shield if you're familiar with game save transfers.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield

    Bee Shield is only good for Terra, but not really needed. Sucks big time when getting shot by a lot of enemies.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield

    all of katsuz safe indeed contain multiple bee shields. and Jarem you'll need to Download Horizon a easy google search can help or get Modio but i prefer horizon. Once download youll also need a USB to get your save game in your xbox to you pc (youll need to format your usb to the xbox). Download one of Katsuz save and install horizon or modio. Open the program up and connect your usb to your computer. You'll get the game in the right side of the screen. Double click your safe file and dragg katsuz into the program and you should have two save files open. All your doing is making all the values the same as the profile that was in your xbox. So copy your save values into katsuz save, making the xbox think that you are the owner of that save. Once you copy all three values save,rehash and resign and save to usb. Put usb in your xbox and copy the file into your xbox storage. NOTE: if katsuz save is ( Save0001-0005) please rename to Save0020.sav and up that way you wont have to worry about having the same name saved which will cause it to overwritte the old one.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 looking for BEE shield

    Thanks for the info. got it to work great. Thanks for the help all.



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