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Is the borderlands 2 gpd harder to mod then the save
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    Is the borderlands 2 gpd harder to mod then the save

    Does anyone know if it will be easy to mod weapons when they are on the gpd i know the save is encripted and the weapons cant be modded on the save yet but when items are put with the gpd is it possible to mod them and so no one asks how do you put itmes on the gpd its simple when items are in claptraps secret stash they go into the gpd so you can trade items between characters/saves

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    Re: Is the borderlands 2 gpd harder to mod then the save

    i'm not show, but i think the gpd is also encripted too..
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    Re: Is the borderlands 2 gpd harder to mod then the save

    most .gdp mods that I am aware of for any game will not work on online profiles. One of the exceptions that I can think of is Red Dead Redemption, although that may have only worked because I was using .iso mods as well. .gdp mods that allow adding 255 golden keys to your gamertag are confirmed to not work at all on profiles that make contact with xbox live. If I am not mistaken, the large majority of mods to this point have been done on jtagged or rghed consoles. If weapons can be modified in-game by some kind of home-brew memory editor running on a jtag or rghed console, whether or not those weapons are saved in claptrap's stash (the .gdp) or on the save, shouldn't matter. I'm pretty sure these sorts of editors existed in a Halo game or two, but I haven't found anything online about one for Borderlands 2. Hex editing might work eventually but I think people are having problems with addresses being different from character class to character class, and even location to location on top of the encryption hassle. Somebody correct me if I'm off on one thing or another.

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    Re: Is the borderlands 2 gpd harder to mod then the save

    People are working on the security for both gamesave and gpd. When that happens we will be able to mod both of them but only the contents inside each file. And yes, modded gpds can too play online... I've had the same online profile for more than 5 years and have modded gamesaves and gpd in it and still play online.

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    Re: Is the borderlands 2 gpd harder to mod then the save

    I didn't say that absolutely no modded .gdp files work online. Most seem to be reverted by the server once you sign into Xbox Live, depending on the game.



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