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Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)
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    Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)

    I'm using zero an at lv 30. Right now i'm off to kill Jack because he kill Roland and because i kill his daughter... the question is i already at this stage yet i don't manage to get a single orange weapon. What are the odds for me to get one orange weapon? Is it really hard? How can i increase my chances to grab one. Sorry for my english..

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    Why would you need a orange weapon for a level 30 character? Its useless but I guess whatever. I found one at level 18 and I sold it. It was a assault rifle with 128 damage. Took that shit straight to the shop and toss it. Did have use for it.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)

    haha i guess i got frustrated waiting to try an orange weapon.so i had to wait until lvl 50 and start looting for orange weapon.but still...anyone know where to loot for orange weapon at lvl 30?

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)

    orange weapons are not always the best weapons i found an orange handgun after fighting flynt for the first time (around level 5) but it was no better than the green handgun and blue handgun i found at the same time, usually they just have better stats just not always by alot.

    they are calculated.
    1. level (close to whatever the host is usually within 1-2 levels)
    2. quality (white - orange)
    3. stats (fairly random within a set range for each level and quality level)

    most shops sell low quality and lower level than the hot so they dont last that long (2-3 levels if your lucky) before you are foced to buy new ones and sell old ones.
    so the game won't chuck out many orange level weapons or shields until true vault hunter mode most likely.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)

    During the 1st play through rare or orange weapons do appear but nothing really special until higher levels. When you get to your 2nd pay through they become a bit more abundant but still are more random drops then anything. When your at 2nd and a half is when things start to drop more frequently and with better stat's.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)

    The Caustic Caverns(sp?)-farm the Minecraft area,got an orange on the 3rd try. You can get the minecraft skins there too.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)

    I picked up a ton in vault hunter mode.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon (spoiler)

    Thanks a lot guys for all the advice especially Captain Smack. i will also try to finish the game faster and enter the vault hunter mode. : )


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