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Any low level Borderlands 2 Legendaries ??
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    Any low level Borderlands 2 Legendaries ??

    I know that they might suck and that they will get out leveled quick, but can we make a game save with some lowbie legendaries?? I have 2 atm. The leg grenade(lvl4) of BoomBoom and the Hellfire(lvl9) off of Scorch.

    I will upload my game save of these 2 if anyone would like them. I guess they are good for lvling. Anyone else care to post their lower lvl legends? Really looking for a sniper =)
    There are TONS of gamesaves for lvl 49 and lvl 50 gear. Lets at least get one or two for the trip too lvl 50.

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    Re: Any low level Borderlands 2 Legendaries ??

    that would really help those making new characters! can you upload them please? also, is there anyone who got this rapid infinity or unending infinity at lower levels?

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    Re: Any low level Borderlands 2 Legendaries ??

    Here is my lvl 7 or 8ish ifinity gun, you can add to them. Hope it helps guys.

    ill put together some of my other low lvl legends and upload them in a lil bit so u can add to the pack just give me a lil time all i ask is u give me credit for the ones i upload.

    Edit: Theres actually 2 of them on the char the same lvl.
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    Re: Any low level Borderlands 2 Legendaries ??

    been looking for this! thanks! =)

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    Re: Any low level Borderlands 2 Legendaries ??

    I have a couple low level oranges to contribute. I will combine them and post a save. I have the following: Infinity Vladof lvl 8. A level 3 Kerblaster Torque and a grenade mod or 2

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    Kp Romplestein

    Re: Any low level Borderlands 2 Legendaries ??

    If anyone wants to upload an extracted SaveGame.sav from a save that contains level 50 items, pclifford's script allows for editing all item levels. I'd be happy to do it for you.



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