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Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!
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    Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    Hello All,

    I am posting 2 "Liquid Special" Xbox 360 mule character saves today! Muhahaha!! One is a mule for ITEMS and the other WEAPONS. First I want to make it clear that I did not do the modding of these characters and take no credit for modding them. I downloaded the new Skins 3.5 character that has a wonderful supply of faces/ skins posted by Rothchild. The work goes to him and the others who contributed to it. I am using that character (Assassin) as the mules because the *Backpack space* is 200!!

    THAT BEING SAID...I took that character and added 20 or so more faces/ skins that I had and downloaded from the wonderful gamers of se7ensins. ALSO, I added the Legendary class mods for each character at level 50, added Terramorphous class mods, and many Orange shields, grenades, some orange relics, and some other non orange items. This is just a big item Mule. It has around *190 good items* on it. There may be a few doubles but not many. Some are slightly different like the 4 different Bee shields on there

    UP NEXT! The weapons save is a collection of many Good Orange, Purple, and Fusha (E-tec). I have found many of them and have traded or duplicated the others. So a big thanks goes out to all my friends and people who have helped in this collection. I put around *180 weapons on here*. Most everything is level 50 on these 2 saves. Hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions just shoot me a message

    Some of the WEAPONS: Conference Call (Corrosive, shock, fire, slag, non-elemental) the Corrosive and a non-elemental have x7 Damage instead of x5. Vladaf assault rifles (elemental) doing 8000-9000+ damage, Dahl fully auto assault rifle that does 7392x2 damage , Two Fer Maggie 4449x10, Unending Infinity (Never runs out of ammo!, Some very sweet and cool rockets, and so much more!! I tried not to duplicate so most everything you should have one of.

    Some of the ITEMS: All 4 characters Legendary class mods at level 50, All 4 Slayer of Terramorphous class mods at level 50, Blood of Terra, other sweet relics like +58% ammo to smg, launcher, and sniper. 4 different Bee Shields, multiple other Orange and Purple shields, and of course all the wonderful skins/ faces.

    I hope you all enjoy this and a big thanks to all those who share their stuff


    If the saves are the same save numbers that you already have, then just rename the save number Thanks again!

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    another great share LiquidRiver, keep it up :D
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    Re: Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    this is a VERY great share ..and i want to thank you for the well done post (credit and save info)

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    What's the difference between these saves and the other thread's saves? Awesome saves by the way.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Daimashin View Post
    What's the difference between these saves and the other thread's saves? Awesome saves by the way.
    This was my first Thread and I didnt think the first Thread posted. These 2 saves are the same as the others. I'm sorry for the confusion.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    You geared my gunzerker entirely. i heart you ._.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    nice share! thanks a lot!
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    Don't look for me, I 'm playing on my Xbox360 !

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Sweet Saves!!!!

    thanks for the share


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