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Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!
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    Shout 2 Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    Download HERE!


    I took some time and compiled the skin packs Ive seen on here plus quite a few that my friends and I farmed up. I feel confident in saying that well over 75% of the skins/heads on here are our contributions and not just leeched from others. I got all of the following skins/heads either from my own hard work, that of my online friends or the skin packs contributed by Rothchild, MikeyXPG, CROSSxGODofWAR. If you contributed to their packs, then you deserve credit as well, but Im just going by who made the posts I downloaded from.

    I made 5 separate save files, one per character and a fifth for vehicle skins. Each one has JUST the skins for their class [only exception is that Maya is holding one assassin skin because Zero was full], that way it can be gone through easier as well as viewed in the customization machine. I used the lvl 6 saves from dippidip mainly because it was easier to use them and the infinite eridium to max out backpack and bank slots. All saves are in Sanctuary with the sole exception of the Vehicle Skin mule. I didnít feel the need to move him there since you cant view the vehicle skins in Sanc and he didnít need to use the bank slots.

    Credits go to: Deathrage 88, Scaresity, Rothchild, CROSSxGODofWAR, dippidip, Goku, smjay24 from Se7ensins, MikeyXPG.

    Zero [Save9761.sav]
    Special Edition: F0rg0tten
    Handsome Jacks Mask
    Coal Train
    Blast Shield
    Motocross Marauder

    Pink Pandoracorn
    Special Edition: Fired Up
    Tediore Customer Service
    Green-Eyed Monster
    Why So Serious
    Vladof Sickle
    Vitamin C
    Haze of Violence
    Vladof Freedom
    Enigmatic Execution
    Hyperion Heroism
    Blood and Bone
    Moral Grey Area
    Who You Calling Yellow
    Hyperion Hornet
    Sting Like a Bee
    Maliwan Style
    Maliwan Grace
    Bandit Incineration
    Bandit War Paint
    Full Purps
    Tediore Value
    Jakobs Filigree

    Maya [Save9762.sav]
    Special Edition: Clean Shaven
    Admiral Asskick
    Creeper Slayer
    Metal fear
    Handsome Jackís Mask
    One Eye Spy
    Alkaline Mistress
    Kawaii Killer
    A Crying Shame
    Til Death Do Us Part
    Cold Steel
    Shrapnel Slayer

    Pink Pandoracorn
    Special Edition: Fired Up
    Mellow Yellow
    Vladof Sickle
    Tediore Customer Service
    Tangerine Dreaming
    Bandit Blood and Rust
    Nothing Rhymes with Orange
    Vladof Freedom
    Cardinal Sin
    Torque Explosiveness
    Hyperion Hornet
    Bandit Incineration
    All Seeing Eye
    Maliwan Grace
    Ecstasy In Gold
    Crimson Fastness
    Vladof Revolution
    Wish Upon A Star [Assassin skin, Zero was full]

    Salvador [Save9763.sav]
    Special Edition: Private Eyes
    Marshall Mustache
    Handsome Jackís Mask
    Tree Puncher
    The Baron
    Top Card
    Wizened Warrior
    Bowler Badass
    A Sense of Dread

    Pink Pandoracorn
    Special Edition: Fired Up
    Midget Ninja
    Tediore Value
    En Fuego
    Maliwan Grace
    Bandit Incineration
    Maliwan Elegance
    Tediore Customer Service
    Vladof Sickle*
    Like a Moth to the Flame
    Lavender But Not Brown
    Jakobs Family
    Golden Trigger Finger
    Red Baron
    Bandit War Paint
    A Green Day
    Hyperion Heroism
    Annoying Orange
    Tediore Low Price
    Vladof Freedom
    Torque Explosiveness
    I Blue Myself
    Red Hull
    Torque Speed Demon

    Axton [Save9764.sav]
    Dapper Gent
    Space Knight
    Shadaloo Stylish
    Medic Mantis
    Gallant Grunt
    Special Edition: Snowblind
    Mine But Not Yours
    The Hawk
    Grizzled Veteran
    Roguish Renegade

    Pink Pandoracorn
    Purple Nurple
    Special Edition: Fired Up
    The Grass is Greener
    Hyperion Heroism
    Denim Dynamo
    The Pink Panzer
    Vladof Sickle
    Greener Pastures
    Ice and Fire
    Vladof Freedom
    At Arms
    Torque Explosiveness
    Maliwan Grace
    Dahl Elite
    Self Azured
    Last Boy Scout

    Vehicles [Save9765.sav]
    Acid Net
    Rocky Desert
    Green Dragon
    Urban Jungle
    Nova Star
    Splatter Burst
    Arctic Sea
    Pandora Sun

    Honey Hive
    Bloody Eye
    The Half-Shell
    Caustic Racer
    Ultra Violet

    Download HERE!

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    This is an awesome save share Blackheart great job bro :)
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    Re: Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    very nice share DaeBlackheart :)
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    Re: Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    very good share, I've actually been doing the same with the save that was uploaded by rothchild seems you beat me to the compilation :)

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    Re: Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    Great work everyone! Very nice .

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    Re: Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    Thanks guys. The past few days now my buddies and I have been grinding out some of the challenges to unlock more skins, otherwise this would have been uploaded a couple days ago. Its also looking like there will be an update coming in the near future because we are now determined to finish all the challenges with all the classes to try and get as comprehensive a collection as possible. If for no other reason than because the glitch exists that can randomly wipe your badass rank and skins/heads.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    Good job mate ! Thank ya. ;D

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    Re: Borderlands 2 LARGEST SKIN PACK YET! 168 skins/heads!!

    Thanks DaeBlackHeart, awesome share!


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