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Resident Evil: Revival Selection brings RE4 and Code Veronica to 360, PS3
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    Resident Evil: Revival Selection brings RE4 and Code Veronica to 360, PS3

    Sorry, but that's the closest onomatopoeia we could come up with for the sound of confetti coming out of a giant cannon. What's the occasion? Why, it's the 1 millionth port of Resident Evil 4! It's a big honor, and it goes to Biohazard (Resident Evil): Revival Selection, a set of high-definition updates of RE 4 and Code Veronica, that Famitsu says is headed to 360 and PS3. According to Andriasang, the full title may be "Resident Evil Revival Selection HD Remastered Version," and fair warning: If we have to type that out in full every time, we'll never cover this game again.

    The updates, which have only been announced for Japan at the moment, will feature RE 4's bonus Ada Wong scenario, "Separate Ways."

    Dirk the Daring was unavailable as of press time to comment on the possibility of these upstarts shattering his record. That said, if any STARS agents come up missing, we'll make Singe's belly the first spot we check.
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    Can someone tell this people we want Resident Evil 2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pureIso View Post
    Can someone tell this people we want Resident Evil 2?
    I'm with you.

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    Hey, another RE4 port! Awesome. First I played it on the Gamecube. Then I played it on PS2. Then the Wii. Then my iPhone. I totally need another RE4 port! I mean, because I haven't even begun to get enough of playing it. And does anybody know why they're including Code Veronica? That's just stupid. The only thing everybody in the world wants is RE4! /blatant and funny sarcasm

    In all seriousness, I amactually looking forward to this. I enjoyed that they released RE1 and RE0 for the Wii, and I never actually got a chance to play through Code Veronica. Plus, while RE4 has been played to death, who doesn't like it? And since it's gonna be on 360, that kinda opens up the doors for hacking... ^-^
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    yep we all need ask capcom 2 remake resident evil 2..

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    mr floppy
    ohh ya, resident evil 2 would be awsome (than i don need resi 4)

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    i never even played RE2. i went from re1 to re3.
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    i also would want resident evil 2 but im glad resident evil 4 is coming to 360
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