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[Tutorial] Great fix for older xbox's with disc trays that either are stuck jammed or wont open
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    exciting Great fix for older xbox's with disc trays that either are stuck jammed or wont open

    Here is a fix I did a while back for a person who had an older Xbox who had a tray that would not open at all. Also have done this to another one with the same problem and it fixed the stuck drive tray issue here as well. Please note this is not a permanent fix but it is a very cheap alternative as to replacing the whole drive or buying a new Xbox all together. Please be careful in doing this procedure and I will not be responsible for anyone performing this repair. Below i listed 2 video links, one on how to open the Xbox without the case tool and one on how to perform the drive repair.

    Tools you will need

    - Small Flathead Screwdriver

    - T-12 Torx Driver (Home Depot sells a nice Torx Driver with interchangeable sizes for about $9)

    - Tiny Phillips Head Screwdriver or Small Pin (for popping clips in perforated area of Xbox)

    - Case tool recommended although not necessary

    - Roll of blue painters tape

    - Exacto Knife

    How to open Xbox Video -


    Another web site which gives a more in depth view on how to do this - http://team-xecuter.com/360unlock/

    Video on How to repair XBOX Drive that is jammed -


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    Re: Great fix for older xbox's with disc trays that either are stuck jammed or wont o

    another nice tut shared idrivefast999
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    Re: Great fix for older xbox's with disc trays that either are stuck jammed or wont o

    nice job on this tut idrivefast999
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    Great tut share idrivefast999 :)
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