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[Release] Gears of War 3 - Player Data Editor v2.0.0.0
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    Gears of War 3 - Player Data Editor v2.0.0.0

    Gears of War 3 - PlayerStorage Editor v2.0.0.0


    How to use:
    1. Extract the "Player Data" and "Gamer Profile" from your XBox 360 Device.
    2. Run the editor, open the "Player Data" and then your "Gamer Profile".
    3. Change what you want, click save and close the editor.
    4. Open the modded "Player Data" in Horizon's Package Manager and Rehash & Resign it.
    5. Inject the "Player Data" back to your XBox 360 Device.
    5. Go to the dashboard, sign out your "Gamer Profile" and go offline.
    6. Start the game offline, sign in your "Gamer Profile" and load the modded save.
    7. Play few matches, then go online.


    Q: Can I be banned?
    A: Yes, you can. Make sure you mod legit and don't mod your events.

    Q: My Player Data can't be opened. What is the problem?
    A: That can have many reasons. The best would be if you send me your Player Data.

    Q: My stats have been reseted after modding. What is the problem?
    A: Make sure you opened the right Gamer Profile in editor.

    - Add all grenades to weapons tab.
    - Sync ID will increment at save progress.
    - Add "Nemeses Killes" and "Grenades Sapped" to Versus.
    - Fixed onyx requirements for VENGEFUL and LEADER.
    - Set EXP Limit for Command Center.
    - Remove Medal Amount Limit.
    - Rename "Nemeses Killed" into "Nemeses Executed".
    - Added "Picked Up" and "Deaths Holding" for all grenade types.
    - Remove "Kills Holding Shild" from Main and add Shield to Weapons.
    - Add "Deaths Holding" and "Picked Up" to shield.
    - Add Avatar Awards to Unlockables
    - Add Unlock All Button to Unlockables
    - Improve performance and gui.
    - Add "Flag EXP" to Horde.
    - Add "Impossible Set" to Weapon Skins.
    - If you mod the levels of the fortifications the EXP will raise to the exact amount of each level. So you can the fortifications more legit.
    - Add "Taken Captives" and "Downs From Cover" to Main tab.
    - Add 2 new weapons "Flail" and "Ripper". It seems that Ripper don't exist in the final version of the game. But its stats exist.
    - The performance and GUI are improved.
    - Fixed save issues.
    - Fixed the "Impossible Set" weapon skin.


    Uploaded the new version 2, because the last one was damaged.

    Please say thanks, if you like this editor.
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    Re: [WIP] Gears of War 3 PlayerStorage.dat Editor

    Awesome. Can't wait to see how it works.

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    Re: [WIP] Gears of War 3 PlayerStorage.dat Editor

    So I've researched about 85% yet.
    Some values give me trouble, so would be nice if someone could send me his/her PlayerStorage.dat.

    If you are curious, here are a list what my editor will include:
    - Rank + XP
    - All Weapon Skins, Characters, Mutators and Executions can be unlocked.
    - All Campaign, Versus, Horde and Beast Stats. (Including Events, Female Matches, Enemies Killed by Fire, Beast Cash Spent/Earned etc.)
    - All Weapon stats
    - All Ribbons and Medals. You can edit all medal related stats, so you don't have any negative values. (Provided that you mod legit)

    I've tested some values with my LIVE profile and there are no problems. Perhaps i will release a beta version, sou you can test it yourself.

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    Re: [WIP] Gears of War 3 PlayerStorage.dat Editor

    cool , can,t wait Philymaster
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    Sounds awesome bro keep working on it can't wait :D
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    Re: [WIP] Gears of War 3 PlayerStorage.dat Editor

    looking forward to this Philymaster :D
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    Re: [WIP] Gears of War 3 PlayerStorage.dat Editor

    Sounds great, really looking to try this out.

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    Re: [WIP] Gears of War 3 PlayerStorage.dat Editor

    First thanks for the positive reply. :-)
    I've designed the first tab 'Main' from my editor.

    All Mode Total Stats you see on the picture can be changed for Campaign, Horde, Beast and Versus.

    I look forward to reading your feedback. You can say what you think about the layout and design and perhaps i will change things.
    Believe me it's not so easy to layout so many stats ;-)

    As already stated the de/compression and checksum works for my Live profile without problems.
    If someone will test the current version i can upload it. So you can report me, if the checksum etc. works for you.

    But i recommend to use this only offline for now, because you can't mod the rest of the stats legit.


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