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Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob
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    Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob

    I've NEVER modded a Console game, like ever, can one give me a basic run down on how i would do this ??? Is it as simple as Dling the a couple programs saving game to usb compadable device and popping it in my comp ??? I know this may have been asked befor and ive broused the forums a bit but im still as lost as a Deer in head lights.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered,

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob

    If that was some cross eyed way of calling me an idiot, I just dont spend most of my life on a comp, so get over it. I do how ever build Ars and AKs from blank recievers, try your hand at that.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob

    I'm guessing there was a negative response posted, hence the reason for your comment. As you stated though, for most part what you said is correct about downloading programs and the transferring your save to pc, editing it, then transferring it back to your box. Depending on the program that you choose to extract your save from your usb, you should be able to find tutorials and video tutorials to understand the function your trying to do. Then to change values you will need a save editor, which also has a couple tutorials and since there are always new people, a lot of questions are usually asked so looking through threads tends to suck most of the time but can also be helpful. If you have any specific please feel free to message me. I can try to help the best I can.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob

    I guess basicly which programs for extracting the game data and modding borderlands 2 are most user friendly would be the main question

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob

    You can use Horizon or Modio to extract your game save from your usb. As for the modding tool there are many links to the Borderlands 2 game save editor on this page, or you can download it directly from se7ensins.com. I would recommend Horizon as it is a bit easier to use for newer modders. When you download the editor you will find some tutorials on exactly how to get the right save file to use. If you need anymore help just message me and I would be glad to guide you through it, I was new at this at one time and still am not as good as some of the people on this site so I can understand.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob

    thank you all for your guidance :-)

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    Most people on this site came with some or no knowledge. But with the help of some very nice member you kind of learn fast while some member just reply with dumb ass comments. You can't stop that. There's always idiots around. You can't get away from it. I didn't had a chance to use the borderlands 2 sage editor as yet due to the fact that my laptop screen is broken and dell is taking FOREVER to send me the new one I order. Anyway...just as the above member said download horizon and borderlands save editor. Use horizon to extract your save and use the editor to mod your save. After Modding the save to your liking, drag the save to horizon and rehash and resigned and then save it back to your USB. Important note. Always keep s back up copy of your save before modification because if you made a mistake you will have your back up to always revert to. Also alot of editors will have a tutorial. So just jump right in and learn. As long as you keep a back up you can't mess anything you. If you have any question you can always message me. I'm not a pro but I know a little bit to get by. I'm still learning.

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    Re: Borderlands 2 Modding queston from a total noob

    ok so horizon cont see the save files on the thumb drive so i got modio, problem solved exported save started modding with gibbeds, and tried to import and keep getting a packet error what am I doing wrong?


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