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(Beta 1.0) Everything Level 127+ Full Playthrough
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    (Beta 1.0) Everything Level 127+ Full Playthrough

    I did not make this, ColinTFIG did!
    Quote Originally Posted by ColinTFIG, post: 5899760, member: 484386

    Everything Level 127+ Full Playthrough

    By ColinTFIG

    With fat pat 666's release of the "Everything in the Game lvl 100 Save," I got the idea to do something similar. Finding that pat's save was a bit easy at times(at least in my opinion), and wanting to actually play through the entire game in a similar style, I set out to create a level 127+ Playthough.

    In the first play through, all monsters should range around level 127 and the major bosses between 127 and 131. During TVHM(playthrough 2), however, every monster should range around 129 with the major bosses between 133 and 137. Unfortunately I have yet to find any code related to scalable drops so the items will still be lvl 50 upon drop. Something I am also looking into is the removal of the current "experience" cap to allow for the ability to level past 50 but a solution is not in the foreseeable future.

    I am releasing this in beta because one person can never find every fault. I am aware that due to weapons and gear being at 127 their names and "red text" are missing in examination. This is an unfortunate side effect and in early testing has not proven to be much of a problem.

    Each character is modded to level 127 with max skills and has a small collection of level 127 weapons and gear on them at the start.

    Due to freezing issues, I had to refrain from raising backpack size and at the moment, ammo is only modded to have the same amount as if you were to buy every SDU from the vendor.

    As this is my first beta release that I am pushing to the public, any feedback is greatly requested. I will also state that since this is a Beta release, I will continue editing and testing new things to get the best feel from the game. If you have any suggestions or requests, I will gladly try to oblige.

    Without further adieu, here are the saves.

    127+ Saves (Beta 1.0)

    Axton - http://www.mediafire.com/?ttjauwftnx0wqbc

    Zero - http://www.mediafire.com/?b8k21i6o9r7w1k7

    Maya - http://www.mediafire.com/?739cmxco1zg7cui

    Salvador - http://www.mediafire.com/?7drz8jm5jh50zio

    Gaige - http://www.mediafire.com/?zolqpl7sm8uia0u

    Small note, the saves are xbox but from what I can tell it is not hard to change that.

    (I do not know how to do it)

    Special thanks and great respect to:

    pclifford - for the original script

    gibbed - for providing such a great editor

    M4YON - for being so unbelievably timely on every new release

    fat pat 666 - for being such a modding [email protected]$$ and for giving me the idea to try this

    KaR KlowniN - for providing such a organized section for codes

    Credit to: ColinTFIG For making this amazing save!

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    Re: (Beta 1.0) Everything Level 127+ Full Playthrough

    great share Mikey and thanks goes out to ColinTFIG :)
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    Re: (Beta 1.0) Everything Level 127+ Full Playthrough

    awesome share my friend
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    Re: (Beta 1.0) Everything Level 127+ Full Playthrough

    Yes, nice share and thanks for all who contributed for this save!!

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    Re: (Beta 1.0) Everything Level 127+ Full Playthrough

    now these saves are are very nice , nice share Mikey360
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    Keep them coming mikey great share bro :)
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